Japanese cuisine: full of omega 3

Omega 3, essential fatty acids found in oily fish and seaweed, help balance emotions, reduce inflammation and slow the growth of cancer cells. Good news, Japanese cuisine is full of them.

The health benefits of omega 3s

Omega 3 are essential fatty acids, ie they cannot be metabolized, they must be obtained through food. Omega 3 goes hand in hand with omega 6, other unsaturated acids present in vegetable oils. It takes a good balance of these two types of acids to be in good health because as they are of the same constitution as the elements of the brain, the fatty acids bring to the cerebral complex what to function better; they thin the blood avoiding cardiovascular diseases, they bring “good” cholesterol, which naturally fights bad cholesterol, they strengthen the immune system.

Japanese cuisine rich in omega 3

Japanese cuisine, vegetarian since the 8th century AD by imperial decree because of Buddhism, has favored over the centuries foods beneficial to its survival and well-being without the addition of animal fat: soybeans, sesame, shiso, are some notable examples. Aside from plants, fish and seaweed are still the most generous sources of omega 3.

At the restaurant: the ideal meal to fill up on omega 3

Raw fish is an important source of omega 3. Choose raw tuna and salmon sushi. In some restaurants, other than restaurant chains that only make suchi, you can ask for sardines, shrimp, mackerel, or crab, which are also very well placed as suppliers of what used to be called vitamin K. Oils vegetables, rapeseed, squash, sesame… are very powerful sources rediscovered today. Above all, combine these lipids with antioxidants (vitamins C, vitamin A carotene) to fix them as well as possible. Ask what oils are used for the preparation of the dishes.

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At home, recipes that are easy to make and rich in omega 3

The best-selling fish in sushi restaurants are good sources of omega-3: salmon, tuna, mackerel, you can very well eat them at home! In addition, sprouted flax seeds are reputed to be very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, they can be found in salads with other sprouted seeds. Salads seasoned with vegetable oils are very good for your health. Another piece of advice, do not burn the oils (fries, donuts, etc.) and always prefer products that are not chemically modified to make the most of the product itself.


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