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Back pain, tendinitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain ruin the daily life of those who suffer from it. Pulsed electromagnetic fields provide an immediate response to this type of ailment, often of inflammatory origin. In one session with a machine emitting good waves, chronic or acute pain disappears.

We are surrounded by magnetic fields, whether they are natural, such as the earth’s magnetic field which protects us from solar radiation, or artificial, such as the electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones.

Our body is sensitive to these fields, in a positive sense for our health or not.

The action of electromagnetic waves is partly explained by the target they hit within our cells. For example, certain waves generate electrical signals in the organism which act on enzymatic systems, ions and nervous messages. Thanks to carefully selected good waves, cell membranes will be able to restore their electrical potential which would have been previously damaged following inflammation, trauma or pathology and thus repair themselves and regain vital and normal exchanges with their environment.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have been used for almost a century and many medical theses have focused on their medical applications. The most significant benefit of using PEMFs relates to the elimination of joint pain. Back pain (cervical pain, lumbago, sciatica, etc.), arthritis, tendonitis are poorly managed by conventional medication, which is not without side effects.

Joint pain disappears in 10 minutes

For physiotherapist Franck Petitjean, practicing in Paris and who has been using PEMFs for 15 years and more particularly the BTL-6000 machine, “joint pain disappears in a 10-minute session in 95% of my patients. It’s literally stunning. The treatment proposed by the BTL-6000, by exposure of the painful joint to PEMF, makes it possible to put an end to the pain: carpal tunnel syndromes, tendonitis, low back pain, inflammation of the shoulder joint, knee, ankle, etc. »

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Regain range of motion

But this is not the only benefit, Franck Petitjean adds: “In long-established joint pathologies, people have lost their freedom and range of motion. The fear of pain generally forces one to make small gestures. After a session, the patients find a feeling of lightness, gain in joint amplitude and repeat without suffering gestures that they no longer dared to do for a long time”.

Osteoarthritis, fracture: promoting and accelerating repair

Joint pain Osteoarthritis, fractureJoint pain Osteoarthritis, fracture: promote and accelerate repair

On chronic pathologies such as osteoarthritis, which sees the disappearance of cartilage and wear and tear on the joints, PEMFs also offer an answer. “In case of osteoarthritis, there is muscle wasting due to pain in the joints. PEMFs relax the tissues surrounding the joints, restore tone and therefore promote painless muscle recovery. The relaxation of the tissues allows to have results on the reduction of the spasticity, (the capacity of the muscles to contract and relax) and to reduce the muscular tensions induced by a hemiplegia for example. In the event of fractures and deep lesions, PEMFs allow healing of the skin and consolidation of the bone three times faster than without treatment”.

No side effects

With this type of treatment, there are no side effects and no risk of peripheral tissue damage. There are only a few contraindications, they just concern people with metals such as pacemakers, IUDs, braces, but also pregnant women and people with heart disease.

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For more information

Mr Franck PetitJean, physiotherapist (Paris)Mr Franck PetitJean, physiotherapist (Paris)

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You can contact M Franck PetitJean, physiotherapist (Paris), at 0631832084

Find out how a typical session goes (the patient remains fully clothed):

To contact the company manufacturing this machine:

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