Kidney: when the creatinine level rises

The human body is an intelligent and expressive organism, it has a multitude of ways to display the physiological and metabolic changes that occur within it. Whether they are external appearance or internal variation, these indicators give an idea of ​​body condition and help identify potential problems and improve functioning. One of these indicators is the level of creatinine in the kidneys.


Creatinine is a normal metabolic waste product produced by the body, it results from the use of creatine, which is a non-essential amino acid, synthesized by the body or obtainable in the diet, it is mainly present in the muscles.
The creatinine level in the body depends on the renal elimination capacity and the muscle mass (therefore on the quantity of creatine), 95% of the creatine available in the human body is stored in the muscles.
Most creatinine is eliminated by the kidneys, which is why it is a good indicator of muscle mass and body creatine level.

What creatinine indicates:

The analysis of creatinine, through a blood or urine test, provides information on the functioning of the kidneys and the muscle mass of the person. Creatinine is produced after the kidneys break down creatine. A creatinine level that is too high is often synonymous with a kidney problem, such as insufficiency, poor irrigation of the kidneys, the presence of a kidney stone or even various diseases (chronic, infectious disease or cancer). Conversely, too low a creatinine level can be a sign of myopathy (severe muscular atrophy).

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What to do when creatinine levels rise:

A high level of creatinine is generally more frequent than a low level, because it is easier to cause an excess of creatine than a lack, this is observable in athletes, more particularly bodybuilders and bodybuilders who supplement themselves with creatine and eat a lot of meat.
The ideal way to overcome this problem would be to minimize intake, give rest to the kidneys and stay well hydrated to lighten the kidney load.

A large intake of creatine is beneficial when it is controlled and reasonable, it is also necessary for top athletes. However, we must be careful with excesses and cumulative kidney fatigue, because our kidneys filter several other things, especially if the diet is rich in protein. So make sure to do analyzes from time to time while regulating your food intake effectively.

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