Kiwi, which one to choose? Yellow or green?

This fruit has two attractive presentations which are very beneficial for health. Today we are going to look at the main differences to consider before buying it from the supermarket and incorporating it into our diet.

The kiwi originated in China and arrived in New Zealand at the turn of the last century, specifically in 1904. It was first planted and has come to be one of the most important crops.

Kiwi is a delicious fruit that has many health-promoting properties. It has a high level of vitamin C, magnesium and other various nutrients that are important for maintaining good health on a daily basis. The most popular presentations of the kiwi are two in number and have important characteristics that differentiate them.

The kiwis that are usually found on the market are of the yellow and green type, from this point on there are already clear differences: the yellow type has a completely smooth surface and the green type has a slightly hairy skin and when we open them, we also notice their intense yellow and green interior color which differentiates them.

And as if that were not enough, the taste of both also changes: the yellow kiwi is much sweeter and less acidic than the green kiwi, which is why the yellow type is generally chosen for the preparation of sweet dishes such as ice cream. or cakes, and it is also much easier to eat it directly from the fruit, while the green kiwi is ideal for the preparation of smoothies, brandies and savory dishes.

The harvest period of the two types of kiwi fruit also varies:

Green kiwis can be found at good prices almost all year round, but their production peaks during the colder months, and the yellow kiwifruit is generally harvested during the summer months. Also, the yellow kiwi can weigh up to 100 g, while the green kiwi is much smaller and has a more intense taste.

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In terms of nutrients and vitamins, the yellow kiwi was found to be slightly higher in vitamin C, while the green kiwi has lower levels of this vitamin, but is still 50% higher than the total offered by Orange. The yellow kiwi is also higher in potassium than the green kiwi, but it contains less fiber and the green contains more vitamin B9.

The differences are minimal and depend on the quality of the fruit. To know which of the two is better to consume, it is recommended to take into account personal needs since both are very healthy and rich in beneficial elements for our body. Green and yellow kiwis are particularly recommended after a meal or as a mid-day snack as they help digestion and absorption

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