Kousmine diet: a dietary practice for weight loss

Do you know the Kousmine diet? Have you ever practiced it? This is a diet initiated by a doctor called Dr. Kousmine Catherine. According to his studies, this specialist affirms that the degradation of food is the source of various pathologies, in particular those chronic. So, to invigorate the body and allow it to remedy these diseases, it therefore offers a food rebalancing. This helps in weight loss. Moreover, according to this doctor, a dietary modification remains imperative if you wish to treat these diseases and be in good shape.

How is this Kousmine regime going?

the Kousmine regime aims at the health of the whole organism, and gives it a certain healing force. It not only helps to satisfy the state of satiety, but also contributes to the well-being of the body. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to practice. In addition, you can eat the recommended foods as many times as you want. So how does this diet work? In general, it is based on 5 essential points:

  • Adopt a healthy diet;
  • Use nutrient supplements to boost your body. Over time, the body experiences certain nutrient deficiencies due to food dysregulation. It is therefore necessary to fill these gaps;
  • Maintain the balance of the intestinal flora and take care of the digestive tract. This often requires the practice of rectal enemas;
  • Maintain an acid-base balance, as nutrient deficiencies often cause tissue acidification;
  • Follow-up of a course of vaccines or immunomodulation.
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The constituents of a healthy diet according to this diet

To ensure the health of the body, you must rebalance your diet. To do this, it is important to nourish the body through your food. Moreover, this will also contribute to its good growth and cell regeneration. In this case, you must favor vegetable proteins and fibers. This dietary practice requires the reduction of fast sugars and salt. As the Kousmine diet helps to lose weight, it limits the consumption of fat as well as the calories consumed. Moreover, the fats consumed must only come from cold-pressed oils for the first time. In this case, you should eat more vegetables, whole grains and plants. That method recommended by Dr. Kousmine also recommends the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits.

Several foods to avoid: what are they?

The Kousmine diet looks at the body’s ability to overcome different diseases through diet. As a result, it involves the removal of certain foods from your dishes. So what should you avoid eating?

  • White sugar continues to take its place on the table over time. However, it has a very acidifying property. Therefore, remember not to consume it;
  • Stop eating canned foods, or those with additives. It is also best not to preheat foods;
  • The diet forbids the consumption of sweets such as chocolate or candies, as well as sodas;
  • While following this practice, you should avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and tobacco;
  • Reduce butter consumption to no more than 30g, and avoid margarine, refined oils and hydrogenated fats.
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