Lac Caninum is the strain of gynecological disorders

Lac Caninum refers to a homeopathic medicine that comes from female dog’s milk. The importance of this milk in homeopathy lies in its richness in hormones and lipids. Indeed, it is full of many elements such as prolactin, progesterone, enzymes, androgens and vitamins. These are hormonal substances and substances essential for the manufacture of the homeopathic remedy Lac Caninum. To obtain the strain, the milk is collected during the lactation period. That is to say, 15 days after farrowing; and dilution is carried out immediately after collection. It is a very special homeopathic preparation that has gynecological, bodily and psychic actions.

Caninum Lake and its healing properties

The Lac Caninum homeopathic strain intervenes to alleviate migraines and headaches before or after menstruation. It is particularly recommended in problems related to the menstrual cycle of women. Indeed, this medication is used in case of menstruation disorders, stomach aches and heavy legs. It acts on breast pain, mood disorders, depression, premenstrual or lactation disorders. In fact, it intervenes to relieve the painful dilation of the breasts, the pain of the ovaries and the feelings of heaviness. Usually used to treat frontal headaches, delusions, hallucinations and dreams of animals such as snakes or spiders.

The white powder of Lac Caninum improves the proper functioning of the metabolism of the the nervous system central. Also indicated in various cases: gonorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, sore throat, neuralgia, alternating pains, angina and rheumatism. But also in case of back pain, lumbago, breastfeeding weaning, sciatica and rhinitis with blocked nostrils.

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Lac Caninum: its healing values ​​and its different dosages

Here are the dosages and homeopathic uses of Lac Caninum :

  • In case of premenstrual syndrome, 5 granules in 7 to 15 CH, 1 to 2 times / day. The catch must be made from the 14th day of the cycle.
  • In the lactation weaning, 5 pellets in 7 CH every 3 hours. It is an indication to be associated with 15 or 30 CH of Ricinus, one dose per day for 3 days.
  • For all pathological events that alternate from side to side. Take 7 or 15 CH in 3 pellets, 3 to 4 times a day. It can also be taken several times a week depending on the disorder.
  • To treat the dreams of spiders and snakes, 5 pellets in 15 CH each evening at bedtime. Taken to be spaced out as soon as there is improvement.
  • migraine or headaches related to the estrous cycle. 9 CH or 18 DH, 2 pellets. A medication to take at the time of the crisis. And if it does not pass, to renew 2 or 3 times during the day.


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