Lachnantes Tinctoria in case of cervical blockage with torticollis

Lachnantes Tinctoria reveals a homeopathic treatment obtained via a plant called Ceanothe or red narcissus. A perennial healing plant measuring over a meter in height which is also known as redroot or Lachnanthes caroliana. Of American origin, it is embellished with white flowers. It should be noted that it is currently endangered. This remedy has a limited action like all homeopathic medicines. Frequently prescribed to reduce stiffness and pain in the neck (torticollis and neck pain). It treats all types of torticollis: acute or chronic, torticollis on cervical osteoarthritis and torticollis with feeling of contracture. It also treats torticollis with pharyngitis or angina.

Lachnantes Tinctoria, what are his therapeutic recommendations?

We saw earlier that this homeopathic strain relieves torticollis and neck stiffness. But now, we will also discover its other main indications such as cervical contractures or chronic fevers. The effectiveness of this remedy is affirmed in case of headache particularly irradiating towards the neck. It can combat occipital headache accompanied by sensations of coldness in the back (between the shoulder blades) and dizziness. This headache can also be accompanied by ringing in the ears.

This homeopathic strain allowsease cramps (at the level of the calves). In particular, it reduces violent pain (in the arm, elbow, back and knees). It can act on vomiting or nausea, stomach pain, nervousness, epistaxis, restlessness and insomnia. This homeopathic strain cures eye disorders like weak sight and blindness. It also helps individuals with dizziness and a feeling of paralysis (of the feet or arms). In addition, it can cure itchy ears.

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Proportion of homeopathic strain Lachnantes Tinctoria

The globule doses and the homeopathic granules Lachnantes Tinctoria have no contraindications. Indeed, homeopaths allow the use of this strain to children, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Exact and judicious dosage of some treatments:

  • Chronic torticollis, 5 granules of Lachnantes Tinctoria 5 CH and 5 granules of Actaea Racemosa 9 CH. To be taken simultaneously at a frequency of four times a day.
  • painful torticollis (Lachnantes Tinctoria 15 CH, 3 granules twice a day).
  • Cramps and pain in the limbs, 5 granules of Lachnantes Tinctoria 5 CH, three times a day.
  • You can treat tingling and feelings of paralysis by a dose of Lachnantes Tinctoria 15 CH, once a week.
  • For the cervical contractures and fever or dry throat (caused by a stiff neck). Use 5 granules of Lachnantes Tinctoria 5 CH, 3 times a day.


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