Larch: a plant combining well-being and health

Larch is a species of fir attached to the Pinaceae family and which bears the scientific name larix decidua. It forms the genus larix and is known by other names: Briançon pine, European larch, Larch, Briançon manna or red spruce. This shrub with needles in a bouquet is mainly found in Europe, in mountainous areas. It can reach an altitude of 1200 to 2400 m. He is employed in the field of health and often called upon as the doctor of the soul. Thus, it is used to increase self-confidence. This type of pine is distinguished by its long lifespan, its amply solid resistance and its deciduous foliage.

Larch is recommended why?

The therapeutic remedies recognized and sold under the name of larch are mainly used for stabilize emotions. Indeed, it treats temporary mood, deep emotional troubles and improves self-esteem. This type of plant acts on the body (as a whole): it strengthens the immune defences, thins bronchial secretions, stimulates the growth of white blood cells and increases the proliferation of macrophages. Its immuno-stimulating effect promotes the rhinitis treatmentotitis, sinusitis and other respiratory discomfort (expectorant value).

It allows to treat psychosomatic disorders and obsessive compulsive. It treats depression problems: transient depressive states, anxiety or nervous agitation.

Common uses in herbal medicine

Larch is rich in polysaccharides and arabinogalactans. In phytotherapeutic use, it is above all its essential oil that is full of benefits. Indeed, it optimizes the functioning of the urinary tract (diuretic), stimulates the arrival of menstruation (emmenagogues), fights against intestinal diseases (vermifuge), reduces neuralgia and urinary tract infections.

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This shrub is also available in natural sap, balm and ointment.

Larch and its other virtues

This exceptional conifer is used in the manufacture of roofing shingles, boats, railway sleepers and frameworks. It can also be used for ornamentation. Indeed, you can color (golden or silver) the pretty dry seeds to then decorate the tables or the walls.

To obtain a virtuous liquid preparation, put a handful of flowers of larch in pure water and leave to macerate for a while (under the sun’s rays). Afterwards, you can add a few drops of this preparation to a glass of water and drink it (one sip each time) throughout the day.

Adverse effects or associated risks

Even if it offers many curative virtues, the dosages indicated should not be exceeded. Otherwise, nerve problems and allergic reactions may appear. It offers more benefits and presents less risk in external use than in internal use. Its use is not recommended for people who are sensitive or suffer from skin allergies. In addition, prolonged use is not advised.


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