Lemon verbena with multiple health benefits

Discovered in the Andes, lemon verbena lives in temperate regions. It can take several names such as lemon aloyse or fragrant verbena. In a favorable environment, it produces many flowers. These are rare in colder regions. From its scientific name, it comes in the form of a shrub that can reach 3 meters. It belongs to the Verbenaceae family. It derives its medicinal properties from its components, including verbenin, alkaloids, tannins and mucilages.

Therapeutic indications of lemon verbena

By its chemical composition, lemon verbena has many health benefits. It is prized for various beneficial actions for the body.

  • Benefits for the digestive system

Lemon verbena promotes digestive function. It relieves functional disorders and gastric heaviness. It eliminates flatulence and intestinal pathogens. It stimulates the functioning of the liver and pancreas and the thyroid gland.

  • Action on the nervous system

Verbena provides an energizing and relaxing action for the nervous system. It helps to fight against stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Regulation of cardiovascular health

Lemon verbena performs a vasodilating action. It allows a smooth circulation and prevents increases in blood pressure. It prevents the formation of varicose veins and protects the heart from palpitations.

Medicinal preparations of lemon verbena

For the preparation of therapeutic substances based on the plant, the leaves, flowers and stems are used. The essential oil is extracted from the leaves. You can also manufacture lemon verbena herbal teas and syrups.

Usage tips

The lemon verbena remedies are used in oral solution or in internal application. The ingested substances are mainly used in case of stress and sleep disorders. The herbal tea, made at the rate of 1 g of leaves for 200 ml of water, is taken before going to bed. The treatment lasts a few days in case of stress and nervousness. The syrup, on the other hand, requires 10 g of leaves to be mixed with half a kilo of sugar and half a liter of water. It is effective against both nervous and gastrointestinal disorders. The dosage is 3 tablespoons per day.

The essential oil, diluted in vegetable oil, is applied in massage. It relieves respiratory congestion, rheumatic pain and stress-related pain. It provides well-being and promotes renal, cardiovascular and sleep functions. To treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or mycosis, the affected parts are coated with it.

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Precautions for use, contraindications and side effects

The dilution of the essential oil is imperative before any use. She can be aggressive. Ingestion of high doses of lemon verbena may induce vomiting.

Lemon verbena remedies should be used with caution during pregnancy and lactation. The same is true for children and subjects with hormone-dependent cancer.


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