Lines of specific probiotics that make you lose weight

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Recent studies have indeed shown that it is the billions of bacteria that populate the intestines that are the master builders of weight management.

They are the ones that regulate the body’s metabolism and energy consumption. This very current discovery explains why some stay thin or lose weight easily and why others easily accumulate pounds and have a lot of trouble losing weight! To promote and support weight loss, it is necessary to build up a microbiota adapted to the mobilization of fats.

Two major families of weight-related probiotics

The microbial species that inhabit the intestine of an adult man can be grouped into 2 large families: the firmicutes and the bacteroidetes. The microbial population in overweight people is dominated by firmicutes. This category of bacteria encourages the body to extract more calories from food and stimulates and activates the enzymes responsible for fat storage. In addition, “firmicutes” promote the secretion of hunger hormones and encourage an increase in the size of adipocytes, fat cells. In thin people, the dominant micro-organisms are the “bacteroidetes” which limit the body’s assimilation of superfluous calories and help inhibit the enzymes responsible for fat storage. In addition to these qualities, they suppress appetite and inhibit the secretion of leptin, the hunger hormone.

Probiotics that promote the anti-accumulation of body fat

Seeding the intestines of “weight takers” with this type of lactobacilli enabled them to lose weight and avoid gaining it! LACTO-HANSLIM the decisive combination of a microbiota expurgating body fat. The probiotic strains of LACTO-HANSLIM have been developed, selected and harvested in a plant medium consisting of fermented cabbage (Kimchi), then micro-encapsulated in order to preserve and retain all their vitality and their ability to colonize microbiota.

The polyphenols extracted from persimmon, Goji, lemon and green tea used in the composition of LACTO-HANSLIM have been screened and sorted according to an exclusive process to maximize their content of specific flavonoids particularly indicated for the prevention and regulation of excess weight, regeneration and revitalization of liver activity, stimulation and optimization of the body’s energy management.

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This combination between a selection of probiotic lactobacilli among the most effective in controlling body weight with targeted polyphenols, sorted for the same area of ​​use, allows LACTO-HANSLIM to promote and facilitate the establishment of an anti-aging microbiota. -accumulation of body fat. After approximately 4 to 6 weeks, the time required for proper implantation, the new nature and constitution of the microbiota will fully play its role in regulating subcutaneous, visceral, hepatic and blood fats. It will continue to play it even after stopping the probiotic intake.

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