Live food (raw food): Is eating raw better than eating cooked food?

“Raw food” or “living food” is a food practice that is quite old but which has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, it stipulates that eating raw would be better for your health in different ways.

Formerly a diet consumed by constraints (lack of means of cooking, difficulty in establishing fires in difficult climatic conditions, etc.), raw food has become a way of life in its own right. All food must be raw or in some exceptional cases prepared at a temperature not exceeding 42°C. It is a potential extension of vegetarianism because there is almost no consumption of meat for the sake of hygiene and taste (except for people who eat recipes such as tartars or carpaccios). It should be noted that a good part of our consumption is already raw, such as salads and juices.

The main aspect of raw food is the preservation of nutritional values, in fact, too intense or long cooking damages or destroys certain nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes, this practice does not exclude recipes that are similar to cooking such as foods marinated, fermented or lacto-fermented as long as the limit temperature threshold is not reached.

Apart from health, raw food is useful because it does not require cooking or preparation and has an interesting ecological aspect (no use of fuel).

One of the strengths of raw food is the fact that this practice is ancestral and is currently the only way to eat in the animal kingdom (animals obviously do not cook their food), that the dangers associated with this diet are only due to to a lack of immunity and uncontrolled consumption, a well-controlled raw food diet should therefore pose no problem.

It should also be remembered that foods such as potatoes are toxic when raw because of the starch they contain, the fibers of asparagus are indigestible without cooking, certain vegetables are too hard and unpleasant to eat raw. Eating raw therefore amounts to taking advantage of certain nutritional values ​​while giving up others.

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Raw food has good nutritional advantages, while leaving aside certain other contributions such as the amino acids contained in meat and fish. For those who opt for this diet, it is possible to find all the essential amino acids and vitamins essential to our good health and varying their nutritional intake as much as possible and by resorting to supplementation. Due to certain deficiencies that may occur when this diet is not followed by a hyper-specialist in nutrition, this diet is not suitable for children, people in poor health, or the elderly.


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