Lose some belly

Lose some belly

Whether you are a man or a woman, the waist circumference is the main indicator of our state of form. Impossible to lie! Food, physical inactivity, pregnancy and certain metabolic diseases can be involved, but many also forget the importance of posture, digestion and certain muscular weaknesses. In effect, you can very well have a swollen stomach without being overweight! Whether it’s overweight or digestive disordersthere are effective solutions to lose belly fat quickly. Follow the leader !

Bloated stomach ?


Intestinal bloating is caused by an accumulation of gas in the intestines. Normally, gas takes place before you have a bowel movement. But when you suffer from them at other times of the day, it’s because their accumulation exceeds your ability to expel them.. This is followed by bloating and pain, which can become chronic.

Some foods are known to give gas such as cabbage or beans, but their effects are punctual and generally do not last more than a day. When one suffers from permanent bloating, it is necessary to find the cause: a food intolerance? Not enough fiber? Too much insoluble fibre? Too much stress?
Generally, one or more foods disturb the digestive system, the lack of fiber prevents the body from properly expelling them, and stress increases the feeling of discomfort. If you do not suffer from disorders such as irritable bowel or Crohn’s disease, make a habit of :

  • Eat more soluble fiber such as broccoli (cooked), sweet potato or apples
  • Chew each bite for 20 seconds
  • Do not drink more than one glass of water during the meal
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, mainly between meals
  • Avoid chewing gum and soft drinks
  • Avoid coffee and energy drinks
  • Eat frequent small meals rather than 3 large meals
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Muscle weaknesses

You may have the impression of having a swollen stomach when you can no longer get your stomach in, even on an empty stomach.. In this case, it is certainly a weakness of the transverse muscle, sometimes reinforced by an excessive lumbar curvature. The transverse muscle is a deep abdominal muscle, and its function is to hold the viscera in the abdomen. You have understood it, if this muscle is too weak or distended, it can no longer contain the intestines or the stomach. He is useful to specify that people who have ventral breathing are more likely to see their transverse weaken, it is therefore important to exercise in order to keep this muscle as toned as possible. To do this, adopt the following reflexes :

  • Do core exercises at least three times a week
  • Eat small meals
  • Do not drink more than one glass of water during the meal
  • Work your abdominals in restricted amplitude
  • Never stretch your abs

Life buoy ?

lose weight

Losing fat in a specific area is impossible, it is therefore necessary to embark on a real process of weight loss to lose belly quickly and effectively. A diet rich in protein, fiber and good fats is essential to have a flat stomach and see your love handles disappear. And of course, stay away from refined sugars, sodas, sweets, and saturated fats. Opt for a diet plan intended for weight loss for men or for women depending on your gender.

Bet on the CLA

CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a fatty acid from the Omega 6 family. It is especially effective for burning fat, and its users confirm that it has very positive effects on abdominal fat loss. Science confirms it CLA effectively burns fat and allows you to find a flat stomach faster, in particular by preventing the accumulation of fat in the adipocytes.

Increase your Omega 3 intake

Abdominal fat gain results from insulin resistance that occurs when you eat poorly, especially when you consume too many refined sugars. Constant variations in insulin levels tire the pancreas, which ends up not being able to produce enough insulin to properly store calories from carbohydrates. Weight gain then takes place, followed by increasing insulin resistance. important that can lead to metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Omega 3 are essential fatty acids that increase the permeability of cells, allowing them to be more sensitive to insulin. Thus, sugars are better captured and the risk of gaining weight and abdominal fat reduced. The effects of Omega 3 on improving insulin sensitivity and weight loss are reinforced when combined with the intake of CLA.

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Do weight training

The best physical activity for weight loss and regaining a flat stomach, it’s bodybuilding. It is the only sport that allows you to strengthen absolutely all the muscles on the one hand, but also the one that burns the most fat, even at rest! Plan at least 3 strength training sessions per week, and work all muscle groups (not just the abs). This work specific to hypertrophy allows the body to better capture nutrients, to strengthen the osteo-articular system and also the abdominal area, by targeting the abs and through specific sheathing work.. And never forget: the more toned your muscles, the more fat you will burn..

Some effective tips

Keep the belly in for 5 minutes, then release. Repeat 3 times. This simple exercise strengthens the transverse muscle, the very one that keeps your stomach flat!


Stress promotes the appearance of bloating. First, because stressed people eat too quickly, don’t chew enough and swallow a lot of air. Try practicing relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation, and take the time to chew each bite well when you eat.

Eat small meals

Don’t wait to be hungry to eat, and divide your caloric intake into 4 or 5 food intakes instead of 3 large meals. Leaving the table feeling full is certainly pleasant, but it promotes abdominal distension and fat gain.

Drink between meals

Drink at least two liters of water a day, but mainly between meals. If you drink too much while eating, you accelerate gastric emptying and limit the digestion of food, which causes bloating and promotes weight gain.

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Start the day with a glass of hot water with a squeezed lemon

It’s simple, but damn effective. By drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a squeezed lemon as soon as you get up, you improve the functions of purification of your body, and also contribute to reduce the acidity of the organization.

Fortify and purge your liver

An engorged liver leads to poor digestion and promotes fat gain. Do black radish cures, increase your intake of antioxidants to strengthen this key organ for health.

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