Lose weight at work: stay up and get up as often as possible

The simple fact of multiplying standing workstations in the office or getting up as often as possible promotes weight loss. A new study quantifies the benefits of standing on energy expenditure. The weight gain is clear.

Overweight and obesity affect 39% of adults worldwide with even higher prevalence rates in industrialized countries. Scientists have identified that sedentary behavior, defined by sitting or lying down for more than 8 hours a day, is an important risk factor for health: obesity, metabolic diseases and premature mortality. The risk associated with a sedentary lifestyle is due to the reduction in calorie expenditure and therefore to an energy imbalance favoring overweight.

A study conducted by the Department of Health and Physical Activity at the University of Pittsburgh shows that regularly alternating sitting and standing positions at the desk, combined with light-intensity activities, promotes weight maintenance. This could encourage many employees to adopt this little ritual during their long sedentary working hours. Height-adjustable desks could also make a massive appearance in companies in the coming years for the greater good of employee health.

Stand up as often as possible, it burns extra calories

In their study, the researchers showed that it is possible to burn 5.5 kcal more per hour by standing for 30 minutes, compared to sitting for a whole hour. You can also burn 8.2 kcal more per hour, spending the whole hour standing. Alternating sitting and standing positions throughout the day (8 hours) allows an additional energy expenditure of around 56.9 kcal in men and 48.3 kcal in women.

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If the gain seems modest (a maximum of 100 kcal/day for some), it is sufficient to maintain the weight of many individuals over the long term. Experts have concluded that eliminating an extra 100 kcal/day is enough to prevent weight gain. Thus, the time spent standing during the entire day may be enough to dissipate the excess energy. This could play a role in preventing weight gain in the population.


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