Lose weight effectively with the ketogenic diet

Dating back more than a century, the ketogenic diet remains popular to this day. It has proven powers to treat certain pathologies. Its slimming effects make many skeptics because of the high lipid intake.

Fundamentals of the scheme

The main rule goes against the traditional bases of power supply design. The ketogenic diet is used for many health purposes.

  • Nutrient composition of the diet

The ketogenic diet prescribes a preference for lipid substances. Food thus comprises 75% lipids. The amount of protein ingested retains its value of 20% of the daily ration. On the carbohydrate side, the share becomes 5%. This equates to a maximum consumption of 50 grams of sugar per day.

The Keto diet is basically meant to bring about the state of ketosis. This is the accumulation of ketone bodies following sugar deprivation. These replace glucose as an energy source for vital organs.

  • Therapeutic indications

Initially, the keto diet has been known for its effects against seizures. Therapists prescribe it to alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy. It was then discovered to have virtues to calm the effects of type 2 diabetes. It also helps to treat cancers, cardiovascular disorders and inflammatory diseases.

The keto diet recommends fish and seafood, meats and poultry. It also encourages the consumption of eggs, butter, vegetable oils and vinegar. It allows fruits such as olives and avocado and low carbohydrate vegetables.

All sweet products are to be excluded from the diet. It does not allow the ingestion of cereals and pastries. It banishes dairy foods and sweet fruits and their derivatives.

Effects of diet on weight loss

Normally, the body draws energy from carbohydrates in the daily ration to function. As the ketogenic diet does not have sufficient intake, it extracts glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. The consumption of glycogen involves the loss of water at the rate of 3 to 4 grams per gram of glycogen. This loss of water marks the beginning of weight loss during the first weeks of the diet.

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The glycogen store runs out after a while. Lipids are then the main source of energy. Waste products from burning fat called ketones pile up in the bloodstream. They induce the state of ketosis which is evidenced by a particular smell of the breath. This induces a loss of appetite and reduced food consumption.

Diet Side Effects

I’adoption of the ketogenic diet goes through a phase of adaptation producing unpleasant side effects. At the start of the diet appear constipation, nausea, migraines and cramps. Restrictions lead to deficiencies that require dietary supplements. A weight regain may occur when the diet is discontinued.


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