Lose weight permanently and avoid the yoyo effect

The yoyo effect or regaining the pounds lost a few days or weeks after stopping your slimming diet is the fear of many people who want to lose weight. And for good reason ? This phenomenon is frequent after slimming, drastic and too fast diets. Why are you gaining back the hard-lost weight? How to stabilize it? We explain the yoyo effect and how to avoid it, so you can succeed in your next weight loss attempt.

What you need to know about the yoyo effect

Following your diets aimed at weight loss, you often notice a weight gain, sometimes even greater than your pre-diet weight. The more restrictive diets follow one another, the more you lose weight, the more weight you regain. Know that you are experiencing the yoyo effect or rebound effect. Indeed, your very intelligent body has adapted and found a solution.

During drastic diets, usually hypocaloric, the body goes into survival mode. He learns to function with little energy. The result is that the basic metabolism is slowed down. The energy expended at rest to maintain basic body functions decreases. Everything is fine until you return to your old eating habits after reaching your target weight.

The fact is that in anticipation of the next periods of scarcity, your body stores calorie reserves. This faster and easier. When you return to a normal diet, you consume more calories than you expend and the pounds come back. With each diet just as strict as the previous one, weight gain is just as important.

How to lose weight permanently?

The solution to breaking the vicious circle of the yoyo effect is to adopt real good habits. Say goodbye to drastic diets and frustrating deprivations…

Use sweat clothes

Bodybuilders usually perform their physical exercises completely covered in order to increase body heat. For the same movement performed in a t-shirt, the latter perspires more, expends more energy and thus burns more calories. The principle is the same with sweat clothes. Made of neoprene, a non-breathable material, these versatile accessories are a great help in weight loss. To potentiate your weight loss, we recommend that you wear sweat clothing during your physical exercises, whatever they are: gymnastics, jumping rope, bodybuilding, etc.

In addition to helping burn stored fat reserves, they purify the body of accumulated toxins (excess salt, calcium accumulation, etc.). We eliminate toxins through urine and perspiration. With sweat clothes, this phenomenon is exacerbated. And according to the results of a scientific study carried out in Germany, the sweat would contain “dermcidin”, a natural antimicrobial peptide which kills the bad bacteria which can be found on the skin. The loss of water caused by perspiration forces you to hyper-hydrate to compensate. These tools therefore prevent dehydration.

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In addition, they help reduce cellulite and refine skin texture. This, thanks to the evacuation by the pores of excess water, dead skin and other dirt. Another advantage of sweat garments is their antidepressant effect. During physical exercise, at the same time as we sweat, the body releases the hormones of well-being: endorphins. The latter, also called pleasure hormones, are anxiolytic and relaxing.

Adapt your activity level

Nutritionists and dieticians are of opinion on this point. It is useless to embark on a draconian diet if physical activity does not follow. She is the one who stabilizes weight loss over time and avoid the yoyo effect. Remember! To lose weight, your energy expenditure must be greater than the calories consumed.

As you exercise, you expend energy. So your metabolism comes back up. But the following rule remains: do not do more than necessary. Sport is only effective if it is adapted to the needs and habits of life. We recommend 15 to 20 minutes of regular and moderate physical activity.

An amateur who indulges in a marathon will very quickly get tired. Frustrated, he will be tempted to return to old habits. Because stress leads to bad eating habits. It is therefore necessary to impose a certain discipline: regularity, perseverance, determination. The choice of exercises is not lacking: cardio-training, jogging, cycling, gym…

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet

The watchword here is: food rebalancing. We forget the miracle slimming diets. Starting your weight loss business with food rebalancing will be very useful to you during the stabilization phase. Already accustomed to healthy eating, you will no longer be tempted to return to your old diet.

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Go at your own pace, slowly but surely. Aim to lose 1 kg see maximum 1.5 kg per month, no more. Eat fewer calories yes, but be full. If you don’t achieve satiety, you’ll get frustrated and snack a lot. Also, do not skip meals. Above all, eat what you love. You don’t have to binge on broccoli if you don’t like this vegetable. There are so many food choices in all nutrient classes that putting together a plate that suits you shouldn’t be difficult.

At the different meals of the day, make sure you eat a balanced diet. All the nutrients must be present: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements… In the protein category, you have:

  • lean meats (rib steak, veal liver, beef kidneys, etc.)
  • eggs
  • dairy products (yogurt, Greek cheese, skimmed milk…), etc.

You find fibers in quinoa, buckwheat, legumes (soya, lentils, peas, beans…), whole grains (rice, bread, oats)… Watermelon, red fruits and citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamins to be included in a varied diet. For lipids, turn to sources of good fat: olive oil, salmon, tuna, etc. A yogurt, an apple, or green tea as a snack to fight against cravings, it’s great.

Your body is not yet accustomed to the new diet put in place, deprivation must come gradually. You can allow yourself deviations once a week at most. While keeping in mind that fast sugars, fats, sodas and alcohol are to be avoided as much as possible or even banned in the long term.

Call a professional

The many diets of the gurus of the net do not take into account your specificities. Consult a nutritional health professional (dietitian or nutritionist) ensures convincing and lasting results. They will concoct a personalized food and physical program for you, adapted to your objectives and your health profile.

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At the end of this support, you will have acquired the reflexes of good nutrition. You will know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat without unnecessary deprivation. When you compare the time, energy and expense of all your past failures, it is better to invest in a specialist consultation. Your physical, mental and emotional health is at stake.

Finally, get a good sleep

Eh yes, good sleep makes you lose weight. Quality sleep keeps you healthy, less tired and less stressed. The more zen you are, the less you have compulsive eating behaviors: bulimia, nibbling… In addition, it is impossible to be tempted to cheat with food if you are occupied by Morpheus.

In short, to stabilize your weight and avoid the yoyo effect, you must review your diet, play sports, and at best get advice from an expert. Over time, your body will get used to your new way of life. You will stabilize your weight without much effort, because you will have acquired and maintained the automatisms.


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