Lose weight with living food!

To lose weight, we tend to attack our diet. If some people decide to reduce the amount of food consumed daily, others adopt another way of eating: the raw food diet. Even if the term is not heard frequently, raw food has nevertheless existed for many years already. Also known as living food, this diet promotes the consumption of raw foods. It must be said that it is ideal if you want to bring few calories in your diet.

How does this raw food diet work?

If you follow a live food, in general, you should only eat raw foods. It is therefore necessary to highlight, in your meals, alkalizing foods, and those that have never been processed. In other words, it is forbidden to eat industrial products. However, you can eat certain foods that have undergone fermentation and/or germination. That food practice also emphasizes consuming a mix of nutrient groups. Why preserve the rawness of food? It seems like eat raw foods keep the necessary enzymes. As a result, it will help you to be in better shape, to prevent various diseases as well as to eliminate certain waste products in the body. Don’t worry, by adopting it, you won’t starve. The foods eaten contain enough protein and dietary fiber to promote satiety.

But what foods are allowed? To follow this diet, you must highlight in your dishes:

  • Many raw vegetables;
  • Legumes, cereals and bread, sprouted;
  • Fruit: dried or raw;
  • Unpasteurized honey and first cold-pressed oils;
  • Nut milk or germination juice;
  • Plant foods.
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Raw food also allows the consumption of certain raw meats and raw fish. In addition, some specialists recommend consumption of organic products only, when following this raw food diet.

Some unhealthy raw foods

As the raw food diet imposes a restricted diet, if certain foods are preferred, others are prohibited. So, to follow this diet properly, you must avoid the following foods:

  • Processed foods or those in cans;
  • Foods that have been cooked at more than 104°F or 40°C;
  • Raw potatoes, because they contain solanine. It is a toxic substance which may cause poisoning. It is therefore recommended to cook or grill them before eating them in order to reduce their solanine alkaloid content;
  • Raw eggplants: even if they are a real source of antioxidants, they also contain solanine. It is then preferable to eat them cooked, without peeling their skin;
  • Some raw mushrooms like trumpets of death. At the risk of having digestive problems, remember to cook them before devouring them;
  • Raw red beans contain phytohaemagglutinin, a source of gastrointestinal disorders if ingested in high doses. They should therefore not be eaten raw;
  • Raw pork or chicken meat. They contain bacteria, such as Salmonella or Campylobacter, responsible for food poisoning.

In addition, to follow this raw food diet correctly, it is essential to contact your doctor or a nutritionist. These specialists will be able to advise you on the best practice to follow to avoid vitamin B12, zinc or calcium deficiencies.


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