Losing Belly Fat: Top Tips for a Flat Stomach

Everyone would like to lose abdominal fat or belly fat, mainly for aesthetic reasons. But you should know that this fat can also be dangerous for your health. Indeed, it increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer’s or cancer.

In relation to triggering diabetes, scientists believe that abdominal fat behaves like a gland leading to insulin resistance. What favors the appearance of this metabolic disease.

Here are the best tips for “losing belly fat”.

1 Power supply

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals helps to limit the accumulation of abdominal fat. The Mediterranean diet, which promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as olive oil, is particularly recommended for good health. This diet is also low in meat and dairy products. Try to consume 3 to 5 fruits a day. In the evening prepare a soup if possible.

A practical tip: eliminate all non-homemade sauces from your refrigerator or pantry, such as tomato, mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard sauces. Store-bought sauces often contain way too much sugar and sodium. In the light versions there is also a fair amount of sodium which promotes fluid retention.

Conclusion: no more sauce or make your own sauces with as little sugar as possible.

2 Bodybuilding

Food can above all act in prevention. But to lose existing abdominal fat it will be necessary above all to practice certain exercises. Strength training is a good way to lose weight. We know that after a physical exercise session, the body continues to burn calories. It is advisable to do a weight training session at least 3 times during the week.


The famous abdominal exercises are particularly recommended for a flat, fat-free stomach. In addition to strengthening the muscles in the abdominal region, these exercises promote posture, helping the person to stand straighter. The abdomen is made up of several muscles divided into 3 main portions: upper, lower and lateral (oblique). Regardless of the exercises chosen, it is important to work the 3 portions of the abdomen.

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Some examples of abdominal exercises:

– Upper abdominals: in these exercises, the person lies on their back with their legs raised and then brings their back towards the legs. It is also possible to do these exercises with open arms or to use a plastic ball. Remember to always keep the lumbar region (lower back) glued to the floor.

– Lower abs

In this category of training, the person holds the upper body still and brings the legs towards the body. There are many variations like raising the upper body and legs at the same time, hanging from a bar by the arms and working the legs (raising them up to the top of the body).

– Lateral abs

To strengthen these abdominals, lie on your back with the lumbar region well stabilized, put your hands behind your head and bring your knees to your elbows, repeating the movements as if you were pedaling a bicycle.

– Isometric exercises

These exercises are also very important because they strengthen the abdominal and lumbar region. An example is the “plank” with the person face down, with the weight placed on the forearms and feet. Hold the “plank” position as straight as possible for a few minutes, take a break, then repeat the exercise a few times.

Don’t forget the lumbar region

Strengthening the lumbar region helps keep the stomach flat and the spine straight. Remember to always include exercises that work on this area, such as isometrics.


Aerobic exercises, that is to say over time, are fundamental to melting fat. Many people have developed muscles in the abdominal area but they are hidden by a layer of fat. Aerobic exercises include running, swimming or cycling for at least about 1 hour, if possible several times a week. Another possibility is the practice of high-intensity interval exercises. As the name suggests, the person alternates high intensity movements with periods of rest in the same series of exercises.

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Studies have shown that this strategy burns up to 9 times more calories than during a normal workout.

Eat breakfast every day

People who ate breakfast daily gained less weight than those who did not eat breakfast. Keep in mind this old saying that seems effective for losing belly fat: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”. The reasons for the favorable impact of breakfast on abdominal fat are not yet fully understood by scientists.

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