Lower your triglyceride levels by following a special diet!

In the blood, to be in good health, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of triglycerides. However, if this rate is high, the metabolism may be disturbed. Hypertriglyceridemia is the cause of various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, angina or infarction. It can even be a cause of death. So, in case of high triglyceride levels, it is imperative to remedy it quickly by adopting a hypertriglyceridemia diet.

What causes hypertriglyceridemia?

Do you know the different causes of hypertriglyceridemia? Be aware that several factors are at the origin of the high triglyceride levels in the blood namely:

  • Your lifestyle;
  • The genetic factor;
  • Alcohol consumption or smoking;
  • A high cholesterol level;
  • A weight problem such as obesity or overweight;
  • A liver or kidney problem;
  • Certain diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes, blood pressure or liver disease due to the accumulation of fat;
  • The use of oral contraceptives, which can influence the level of triglycerides;
  • Certain factors such as gender or age may also cause this rate to vary;
  • Sensitivity or a diet high in sugars and/or fats. This is why a hypertriglyceridemia diet can correct this rate.

A hypertriglyceridemia diet to preserve your health

In case of high triglycerides, the doctor always recommends a dietary change and weight loss, especially for people suffering from obesity or overweight. The general rule in this hypertriglyceridemia diet is to:

  • Reduce or even limit the consumption of foods rich in lipids and simple sugars;
  • Limit alcohol consumption;
  • Consume healthy, balanced foods, and above all rich in fiber;
  • Eat foods that help maintain weight.
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But is it really useful to follow this particular diet? This food practice brings you many benefits in case ofhypertriglyceridemia :

  • This diet prevents you from suffering from certain cardiovascular diseases caused by hypertriglyceridemia and contributes to the protection of your cardiovascular system;
  • It helps you make the right food choices and adopt a Healthy eatingrich in different nutrients.

What foods are recommended to lower triglyceride levels?

In one hypertriglyceridemia diet, you should promote the consumption of certain foods and avoid those that increase your triglyceride levels. But what are these foods?

To start, to follow this diet, you must:

  • Limit or reduce by 30% the consumption of foods high in saturated fat;
  • Avoid all sugary products or foods rich in simple sugars and refined products. Among them are white or brown sugar, pastries and cakes, sweets, sodas, very sweet fruit juices, etc. ;
  • Avoid fast food, salt consumption and industrial products;
  • Limit alcohol consumption. A glass of alcohol a day is enough.

In addition, those recommended in the diet are as follows:

  • Foods rich in omega-3 such as fish: herring, tuna, or even mackerel;
  • Whole grains: cereals rich in fiber, cooked ones, wholemeal bread or wholemeal pasta;
  • Fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. It should be eaten at least 5 times a day;
  • Food sources of vegetable proteins such as legumes or soybeans;
  • Antioxidants, spices;
  • To drink a lot of water.

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