Magnesia Carbonica, a strain that takes care of neuralgia

The homeopathic medicine Magnesia Carbonica refers to an amazing, white, odorless, crystalline, tasteless and water-insoluble powder. Prepared from a mineral called Magnesium Carbonate (Magnesia) and presented in different forms. Indeed, the Magnesia Carbonica strain comes in ointment, mother tincture, doses and granules. Also available in drinkable solutions such as ampoules and drops. This remedy especially treats neuralgia and colic in infants. Widely used especially in certain sports such as gymnastics and climbing. In this case, it is used to dry out the hands to fluidify and promote the different grips.

The benefits of Magnesia Carbonica for the body

Its homeopathic actions operate effectively in the infant diarrhea treatment and pain (cervicobrachial, facial, dental). It alleviates physical pain, cramp, digestive disorders, chronic colic in adults and infant colic. the homeopathic medicine Magnesia carbonica acts on the digestive system and on neuralgia in children. Indeed, care with this remedy is appropriate for:

  • Sciatica (with a spasmophilic tendency),
  • Spasmodic colic,
  • Infant colic, greenish diarrhea and abdominal pain (after absorption of breast milk),
  • Constipation (with pasty stools) and regurgitation in infants,
  • Dental neuralgia and right facial neuralgia which worsen during the night,

It mainly deals with nervous system disorders such as hyperesthesia or hyperexcitability, painful menstruation and sour sweating. Magnesia carbonica can also help children with hiccups, renal colic and intestinal colic. In adults, it treats crampoid dysmenorrhea, contractures, pharyngitis (before menstruation) and premenstrual syndromes. It also helps to alleviate shooting dental pain and sciatic nerve pain.

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In which case can Magnesia Carbonica be taken?

homeopathic medicine Magnesia Carbonica comes particularly in the form of granules, doses and tablets in 6 DH. Everyone can use it even women in lactation and pregnancy. Based on two elements (lactose, sucrose), the granules and doses are taken outside of three meals. As well as at a distance from tobacco, coffee and mint. You the prescriptions of homeopaths:

  • For organic pathologies, 3 granules of Magnesia Carbonica 4 to 5 CH in close doses.
  • For spasmophilia, taken daily over the long term or in a weekly dose: 9 to 15 CH.
  • For the shooting or cramping pains (15CH, 5 pellets at the rate of pain, 6 times a day).
  • For preventive treatments, 7 CH at the rate of 5 granules morning and evening.
  • For colic (in 5CH at the rate of 5 granules several times a day). For example, you can take it every 10 minutes, then space it out as soon as it improves.


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