Malaxotherapy belongs to which medical filiation?

Malaxotherapy is defined as a circular massage process which consists of compressing the soft tissues in particular. A stimulation therapy that primarily manipulates muscle fibers. It is a method of relaxation that produces healing effects and benefits. It designates the fact of healing oneself by kneading a round object with the fingers and the palms of the hands. One can for example use a tennis ball or another plastic ball. This technique is actually based on mixing or kneading an object. So what are you waiting for to try this new therapy. In a jiffy, improve your moods, manage your emotions and your stress peaks.

First appearance of malaxotherapy in history

Like the feet, the hands also contain several nerve endings and reflex points. These particular areas of the body have been the subject of much therapeutic research since the dawn of time by acupuncturists. A circulatory technique, malaxotherapy is one of the different techniques of natural carein the same way as the palmar reflexology. It stimulates the reflex zones of the hands. It acts especially on the acupuncture point called “Lao Gong”, a circuit located in the palm of the hand. The pressures exerted on this point aim to ward off any type of depression. Popularized around the 90s, therapists and health centers still use and recommend it until today.

Malaxotherapy: a new method of natural care

The kneading therapy essentially protects the muscles. Indeed, it treats largely tense muscles and muscle tone that is too high. It also provides relaxation and muscle toning, while eliminating contractures and muscle pain. It facilitates the movement, stretching and flexibility of the muscles. This generally promotes the prevention of injuries and contractures. In particular, it treats certain parts of the body such as the thigh, shoulder, neck, upper and lower back. It strengthens the blood flow and increases the temperature. Moreover, it normalizes and maintains a good heart rate.

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It reduces stress, lack of self-confidence, insomnia, depression and sleep disorders. It can reduce bodily, muscular and psychic tensions, because it acts effectively on areas of tension. This type of massage offers a feeling of relaxation and stimulates feel-good hormones. It can also trigger natural painkillers.

Massage therapy sessions: number and frequency

With small pressures and tactile movements, the kneading therapy honorably softens muscle tension. With this common method of massage, the manipulation is done on the deep and superficial tissues. Its practice promotes the mobilization and stretching of muscle fibers. A therapy within everyone’s reach, effective, practical, simple and very easy to perform. About the sessions, everything depends (the number and the frequency) of the state and the specific needs of the massed.


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