Maximize your muscle growth with drop sets!

The drop set technique

If you’re starting to get tired and stagnant, it might be time to give drop sets a try. In order to maximize its potential for muscle growth, it is crucial to activate as many fibers as possible during a series. The intensification technique called “drop-sets” is one of the best ways to achieve this. It is nevertheless important not to abuse it because overtraining and injury can quickly happen.

What are drop sets?


Very popular in bodybuilding, drop sets are decreasing series during which we first perform a short series, followed by lighter and decreasing series. We generally reduce the load by 10 to 30% to continue the series until muscular failure. In comparison with simple series which only stimulate a reduced number of fibres, decreasing series or drop sets activate deep muscle fibers and thus optimize their growth.
This technique is very beneficial for sacroplasmic hypertrophy, but not for strength or power. Athletes from disciplines other than bodybuilding therefore have little interest in using it.

Why is this technique effective?

During a simple series (8 to 12 reps with the same load), it is difficult to recruit all the muscle fibers. By adding a degression to the series and removing between 10 and 30% of the load, we begin to solicit other fibers, even the most recalcitrant. The objective of the drops set is therefore to shock the muscle by adding additional stress to the standard set.. This added stress amplifies muscle growth.

How to implement this technique?

There are many ways to incorporate drop sets into your training. On the other hand, it is necessary to place this technique in the way that best suits your program and your objectives. The decreasing sets can be performed with bars and dumbbells, but also machines. A standard drop set focuses on hypertrophy by reducing the load by 10-30% after the first set. After the load is reduced, perform another 6-10 reps. You can further reduce the load to go further in the series and perform 6-10 reps again (until muscle failure).

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How to avoid overtraining with drop sets?

In order to avoid overtraining, apply the drop-sets to one of the exercises in your program. For example, if you’re doing pecs, only do drop sets on the incline press and normal sets on the other exercises.

The decreasing sets ensure hypertrophy thanks to the significant stress they impose on the muscles. This therefore requires adequate supplementation as well as good recovery. To get the most out of your workout, select a high quality protein as well as a creatine effective. One vasodilator/volumizer is also a formidable way to increase performance and achieve maximum congestion during your drop sets.

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