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Meditation serves more to awaken our attention and use our mental strength to find peace. It is a natural therapy that fights against negative emotions, psychic disorders and physical tensions. She seeks to reconcile and harmonize emotions, state of mind and body. Indeed, it allows to bring and ensure a perfect bodily, emotional and psychic well-being. It strengthens attention, concentration, creativity and mental agility.

Is it a therapy that already existed in antiquity?

A type of ancestral therapy, meditation produces very beneficial effects on the development and fulfillment of the individual. According to research, the regular practice of meditation can significantly strengthen the immune system. Specialists demonstrate that it effectively allows defend our immune system. After three months of practice, one can see a major increase in stem cells and antibodies. Currently, it is beginning to take its place in the arsenal of psychotherapy.

Maintained health, well sculpted body and fulfilled mind with meditation

To ensure health, another therapy comes into play and offers all its values. Useful for promoting health (bodily and mental) in general, self-esteem andself-image. From the first practice, you can surely enjoy its relaxing effects that promote a good moment of relaxation. Effective for reduce emotional discomfort : stress, fears, anxieties, feeling of ill-being, anger and anxieties. It can regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, relieve chronic pain and physical tension. A real source of inner peace and serenity, meditation also ensures the release of muscle tension. It allows the body to better defend itself, stretch and calm down.

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Even in the face of the various vagaries of life, it aims to offer us excellent stability. It gives us a strong intellectual and physical capacity to be able to face the difficulties. It also helps us to evacuate the various tensions long buried inside our body. With this method, one can always achieve find happiness even in the darkest times of our lives.

Meditation: who can practice it?

It seems that the meditation would best suit all individuals over the age of 16. A session of 5 to 10 minutes a day is enough to feel its enormous virtues. Still in a seated position, you have the choice between feet flat on the floor or legs crossed on a cushion. Whatever your position, always maintain a straight posture. Indeed, it is always necessary to have a very straight column. Put your hands flat on your thighs, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Results show up within two to three weeks of practice. The more you practice it, the more you get better results (profound changes).


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