Mediterranean Diet: Specificities and Health Benefits

There are several types of diets, the most popular and fashionable recently are those whose benefits have been demonstrated by science and seen on people, and the Mediterranean population is not likely to deny that a good diet guarantees a good quality of life, that’s why the “Mediterranean diet” or “Cretan diet” is becoming more and more successful.

The Mediterranean diet was noticed in the 1950s after a study by Dr. Ancel Keys, he questioned the good health and long life expectancy of the inhabitants of the islands of Crete and Corfu despite fairly destitute living conditions, he concluded that the main reason is the healthy diet of these regions.

It is a dietary style that favors fruits, vegetables, legumes and olive oil, the latter is consumed without moderation and is considered a miracle cure against a good number of diseases and pathologies (cough, cardiovascular problem), it stimulates and improves a good number of metabolisms and physiological functions. The Cretan diet also contains dairy, fish and meat products but only on a weekly basis for the high protein sources.

The Mediterranean diet does not have weight loss as its objective but rather the improvement of the health and well-being of the person, the richness and variety of its nutrients combined with its low level of saturated fats make it an adaptable diet. with everyone, its many benefits can be summarized in several points:

  • Fight against cellular aging thanks to its richness in antioxidants
  • Fight against cardiovascular diseases thanks to omegas
  • Prevents gastric and transit problems thanks to fiber
  • Improves cognitive abilities
  • Maintaining good glycemic and insulin indexes
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In addition to these benefits, there is great versatility, this diet can be adapted to an athlete, a person wishing to lose weight, a patient under treatment, etc.

Beyond the health benefits, this diet is tastefully excellent and the twenty or so Mediterranean countries offer a variety of affordable and very versatile recipes, in addition, the ingredients that compose it can be easily obtained. It is presented as a non-severe or restrictive lifestyle, adopt it for a good compromise between gourmet pleasures and health.


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