Megarexia: A mega EATING DISORDER

When we talk about eating disorders, we usually think of anorexia and bulimia, two of the most well-known diseases. However, there are other diseases, such as megarexia, which, without being known, have adverse effects on health.

We could define it as the opposite disorder to anorexia nervosa. People who suffer from megarexia are people who are obese, but consider themselves healthy and lean.

Their lifestyle habits are totally detrimental, since these people never exercise or follow any type of diet, quite the contrary. This is due to the high level of distortion of self-perception that makes them proud and satisfied with their body, comparing excess weight with strength, vitality and energy.

Signs that a person has megarexia

Although it is a disease that seriously affects the health of those who suffer from it, it has not been categorized as a disease. There are currently some 500 million obese people in the world, and it is possible that many of these people have undiagnosed megarexia.

What are the symptoms?

  • They do not know their actual weight and avoid knowing the exact weight.
  • They avoid looking at their reflection in mirrors where they can see their whole body.
  • They wear loose clothing at all times and make sure the clothes are large.
  • They usually suffer from dizziness, headaches and low blood pressure.
  • Despite their obesity, they actually suffer from malnutrition, even anemia, due to their very low quality diet.

how to cope

The first step in treating this disorder is to seek professional psychological treatment for eating disorders. In the best of cases, new food hygiene and lifestyle rules can be put in place to tend, gradually and after many sustained efforts, to tend towards a return to a normal and healthy life.


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