Memory Loss: Trans Fat Makes You Forget Words

According to a new study from the San Diego School of Medicine, a high intake of trans fatty acids is associated with a decrease in memory for words in men.

Appreciated by the industry for the organoleptic and textural properties they confer on many food products, trans fatty acids have widely revealed harmful effects on human health. Researchers at the University of California are interested in the effects of this consumption of trans fats on cognition.

A simple memory test shows a decrease in relation to trans fats

They analyzed food questionnaire data from 1,018 women and men. A test, consisting in recalling words previously emitted, made it possible to evaluate a type of cognition. After correction for confounding factors (age, physical activity, origin, level of education, mood), the results show that for men aged 45 and under, high consumption of trans fatty acids is associated with impaired cognition and memory loss

For 1 g of trans, three quarters of a word is forgotten!

The results show that the memorization capacity of the ‘trans-consumer’ participants is reduced by 0.76 words for each additional gram of daily trans fatty acid. For the authors, this is the first time that such deleterious effects have been demonstrated for trans fatty acids.

Golomb B: A Fat to Forget: Trans Fat Consumption and Memory. PLOS ONE


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