Misconception: when you play sports, sweating eliminates toxins

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Sweating and elimination

One of the primary reasons we sweat is to regulate our body temperature. When the moisture produced by the sweat glands evaporates, the body cools down.
The essential component of perspiration is obviously water. But perspiration also contains traces of minerals including sodium, lactates, urea, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper… And none of them are considered toxic.

The liver and kidneys assist in the elimination of toxins


Liver has the primary function of metabolizing, detoxifying and inactivating exogenous molecules (which enter the body) and endogenous (already inside the body). The liver acts as a filter for blood circulation by eliminating bacteria, endotoxins and parasites. The liver detoxifies substances from a variety of sources such as the burning of sugar, fats, proteins, but also additives, medicines, drugs, preservatives, alcohol, pollution and products chemicals used in agriculture.

Kidneys are similar to the liver and also allow the elimination of toxins. The kidneys contain structures essential to the body, called glomeruli, which filter foreign substances (toxins and waste products) from the blood. These are then excreted through the urine.

Don’t rely on sweating to eliminate toxins

Excessive sweating is by no means an effective method of getting rid of toxins. Sweating involves the body eliminating essential fluids and this can obviously lead to dehydration. Sweating helps expel toxins (less than 1% of the body’s toxins) but in reality, its only purpose is to prevent overheating! The liver and kidneys are the true detoxifiers of the body. They filter toxins and release them through urine and stool. Abundant perspiration, on the other hand, can lead to dehydration and impede the toxin filtering mechanisms, which are also less effective due to the reduction in blood plasma levels.

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