Mutual health insurance for young people: how to choose it?

Health risks concern everyone, even young people under 25. Although it is not compulsory to join a mutual healthits subscription is strongly recommended, regardless of our age. Student, apprentice or young activehow to choose a mutual health suitable?

Is it an obligation to join a mutual health insurance when you are young?

Subscribing to mutual insurance for young people is not compulsory for adults of under 25 ; however, it remains strongly recommended. Indeed, medical expenses will not be reimbursed for the part of the complementary without mutual health insurance. We have all had the bad experience of this: unforeseen health expenses can always arise, whether it is for optics, dental care or even an accidental hospitalization.

Note that if you are young activemembership in a mutual will be compulsory as for any employee.

Youth mutual: options depending on your situation

If you are a student

The student social security no longer exists since 2019. From now on, young people are covered by health insurance, with the status of their parents’ beneficiary, and independently from the age of 18 (or from 16 on request).

Thus, it is the general Health Insurance scheme that insures the medical expenses of young people: coverage that is not always adapted to the needs of students.

Choose a student health insurance when you are young quickly proves to be profitable because it covers the various traditional health costs (optics and dental) and the excess fees of specialists.

If you are young active

The situation of the young worker is very similar to that of any worker with regard to mutual insurance. So, according to your profile you:

  • enjoy the mandatory mutual your business, if you are an employee;
  • join a youth health mutual when you are self-employed.
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If you are looking for a job

The situation of young and looking for a job should in no way prevent you from being able to subscribe to mutual insurance. Many mutuals for unemployed young people adapt to this status by offering attractively priced packages.

Your registration with Pôle Emploi gives you access to Social Security and the general health insurance scheme.

For wider and more appropriate coverage, it is therefore recommended to subscribe to a young mutual less expensive for small budget.

What are the rates for health insurance for young people?

A more limited budget

Young people usually have a limited budget. Subscription to a mutual health insurance can then be hampered by the cost of the contribution. However, it is still preferable to invest, even in a small package, to be more serene.

With this in mind, many mutuals offer cheaper packages adapted to the needs of young people, and therefore at lower prices.

The criteria to follow to make the right choice

Pay attention to the level of guarantees offered by your mutual insurance company, which will increase the price. So, before subscribing to mutual insurance when you are young, base yourself on the following criteria to reduce the costs of your mutual health insurance:

  • What are your needs ?
  • What is your budget ?
  • What care are you likely to need? (optical, dental, etc.).

You will thus be able to adapt the offers as well as possible to your needs and not to take guarantees which would be useless to you and would come to increase the price of the subscription.

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You will have understood it, the acquisition of a mutual health is not done lightly: take stock of your health needs and compare all the offers available to you in order to make the most optimal choice for your well-being.

* At press health we strive to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice. [HighProtein-Foods.com]

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