Myth: Starving yourself is an effective way to lose weight

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Being hungry does not make you lose weight

“I’m not going to eat for a month and then I’ll be thin.”

There are millions of people looking to lose weight who believe that starving yourself is the best way to do it. Is this really the case?

starve = lower metabolism

Losing weight requires reducing total daily caloric intake. Therefore, eating nothing makes sense in people’s minds. However, when you starve yourself, your metabolism gradually starts to slow down. Not eating anything tricks your body into thinking it’s not going to eat again anytime soon, and it automatically goes into “starvation mode” to save every calorie and form of stored fat in the body. The opposite of the expected effect.
This reaction of the body to undernourishment is a method of protection in order to survive. Another reason why this method is not the most efficient is that, sooner or later, you will crack. And usually, when you crack, it’s not for a turkey cutlet but for sugary or high-calorie foods. This uncontrollable hunger will encourage you to eat whatever you have at hand. This is not healthy behavior and no one should experience this kind of setback to lose fat. In addition, a slow metabolism associated with an extremely high calorie meal is going to be disastrous for the body. The calories from this crack will be stored directly as fat!

Gradually reduce calories to lose weight

Starving yourself shouldn’t be an option as there are an abundance of dietary protocols available for losing fat and maintaining fat. Starving diets are not only detrimental to the body, but also negatively impact vital functions, metabolism, and create serious eating behavior disorders. Rather than drastically cutting food intake in order to lose fat, take small, incremental steps by adjusting your diet and exercising more. Chicken and lettuce will not make you gain weight and will instead facilitate fat loss.

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The goal is to lose weight and maintain a healthy life, without feeling miserable and regaining the lost pounds! The solution is therefore not to deprive yourself but to make better food choices.

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