NAET method: No more allergies

Crying eyes, a runny nose from the slightest trailing cat hair, hay fever at the same time each year, or dietary restrictions due to allergens identified or not on your plate, allergies are becoming almost the norm . The NAET method, developed by a female doctor, a former allergy sufferer, brings unexpected recoveries.

The NAET method works wonders for people with the most recalcitrant allergies. And for good reason, it was developed by a major allergy sufferer, Doctor Devi Nambudripad. Born in India where she spent her childhood, she moved to California in 1976, where she has resided ever since. Suffering from multiple allergies and sensitivities from an early age, until she could no longer eat anything but white rice and broccoli, she decided to look for the causes of her allergies on her own and undertook studies in several areas of health. First a nurse then an acupuncturist, she became a doctor of oriental medicine, a doctor of chiropractic, a kinesiologist and finally a doctor of medicine. From all this knowledge and influences was born the NAET method.

The method of methods

This entirely empirical method is a skilful blend of allopathic and oriental medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology and dietetics. The guiding principle of the method is that an allergy is an unfavorable response of an individual, on the physical, physiological or psycho-emotional level to the presence of one or more substances. More specifically, allergy is the manifestation of an energy imbalance caused by the meeting of two or more contradictory energies which will create an energy blockage in the acupuncture meridians.

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First find the right allergen

The NAET method is very popular with regard to food allergies, but not only. The allergy that can be linked to the environment (pollen, cat hair, dust mites, etc.). To be sure, the practitioner will therefore identify the responsible allergen(s). To do this, he will use the muscle resistance technique derived from kinesiology. The patient holds in his hand a vial containing the allergen to be tested then the practitioner puts tension on the muscles of the arm to realize the tensions and muscular blockages which appear; when the allergen is well incriminated, the muscular blockage is clear. Proceeding in stages, the practitioner begins with basic allergens: egg (white and yolk), calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, sugars and plant elements (flavonoids, fruit juice, etc.).

The practitioner has at his disposal some 1000 different listed allergens.

Once the allergen has been identified, desensitization therapy includes vigorous massage of the Bladder Meridian points that run along the spine. Close to the starting points of all the spinal nerves, stimulation of these points is a way to access the parasympathetic system, erase the reactivity of the immune system and re-inform the nervous system. Throughout the session, the patient holds in his hand, locked in a vial, the allergen which concerns him.

End of allergies in a few sessions

The method of diagnosis and treatment relies heavily on Eastern energy medicine. There are different levels that are taken into account, including the physical, psychological and emotional levels. This look at several levels allows us to understand why, over time, we can suddenly become allergic when we were not before. Physical, psychological or emotional shocks can be gateways to allergies. Fears are particularly great avenues for the dysregulation of the nervous and immune system then causing allergies.

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It takes an average of fifteen sessions to completely desensitize yourself from your allergens. But in the end, goodbye allergy. NAET practitioners all testify to results that always surprise them despite the years of practice and the diversity of patients. For the smooth running of the therapy and not to blur the message of appeasement which has just been given to the body, care must be taken not to absorb the allergen which has been treated during the session for 24 hours.

To know more

You can consult the national directory of NAET practitioners on the site: www.NAET-europe.com. For Paris, you can contact Jean-Marc Laporte on his email address: [email protected]


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