Natrum Sulfuricum, useful remedy in case of migraine headache

Like aromatherapy and herbal medicine, homeopathic medicines are at the forefront of natural care techniques. We are going to develop in this article the main indications and the benefits of Natrum Sulfuricum on our health. It is a remedy and a homeopathic strain of chemical origin. In reality, it is a white powder made from anhydrous sodium sulfate. Very soluble, this material is also used in the manufacture of cardboard and paper. Homeopathic medication shares laxative and purgative effects. It remains effective in the treatment of migraine headache and water retention.

Health Effects of Natrum Sulfuricum

The homeopathic preparation Natrum Sulfuricium specializes in different disorders. Indeed, it acts in a relevant and effective way on:

  • Digestive and ENT discomfort, particularly aggravated by humidity or water;
  • Enterocolitis, watery diarrhea and flatulence;
  • Intense joint stiffness, rheumatic pain in winter;
  • Warts on the palms of the hands, edema of the fingers and eczema;
  • Headaches after general anesthesia;
  • Chronic leucorrhoea;
  • Muscle pain and chronic joint disorders;
  • Cellulite, constipation, bloating;

Natrum sulfuricum, homeopathic strain also prescribed following head trauma or in case of bilious migraine.

Natrum Sulfuricum: consider the possible dangers

Granules and globule doses remain the most popular galenic forms. They are based on saccharin and lactose. You can also find other forms: triturations in oral powder (lactose-based) and hydro-alcoholic solutions. The ideal dose of this homeopathic medicine is limited between 7 and 15 HP. A field treatment that is used monthly or weekly in people with asthma or rheumatism.

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Proportion for children who tend to get sick every time they go to the pool:

  • Natrum sulfuricum 9 CH at the rate of one dose,
  • Natrum sulfuricum 15 CH at the rate of one dose,
  • Or 10 pellets in one take.

In case of enterocolitis, 9 CH for 5 granules morning and evening. In the situations of joint stiffness, 9 CH for 5 pellets in the evening. In these two cases, the treatment must last 3 months. For cure eczema and The warts, you must take Natrum sulfuricum 30 CH, 5 granules in the morning. In this case, the treatment also lasts three months.

For soothe colds and bronchitis, 5 to 15 CH with an intake of 5 granules per day for 10 days. Thus, to treat bilious migraines, take 2 granules of Natrum sulfuricum 5 CH or 10 DH. For ENT diseases, 5 granules 5 CH or 10 DH, a homeopathic preparation to be taken 3 times a day.


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