Natural care to rehydrate chapped lips

The lips frequently suffer from drying out due to the effects of external elements. Chapped lips usually seem innocuous and unremarkable. However, they cause daily inconvenience. Maintenance with natural substances ensures the good condition of the lips and protects against these inconveniences.

Factors and consequences of chapped lips

Thin and less equipped than that of other parts of the body, the skin of the lips often suffers from chapping. The consequences cause some discomfort and sometimes more or less mild pain.

  • Factors of dry lips

The skin is endowed with sebaceous glands and melanocytes which produce protective layers. At the level of the lips, these elements do not exist. Thus, the skin of the lips is more permeable to external aggressions. The chapped lips result directly from dry lips.

Climatic factors are primarily responsible for this drying up. The lips suffer under the action of the cold and the wind. Similarly, exposure to the sun produces burning of the lips. Contact with aggressive substances such as swimming pool chlorine is another main cause. The problem also occurs because of insufficient hydration or nutritional deficiency. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and certain medications also affects the health of the lips. The crack can also be a symptom of fever or diabetes.

Symptoms vary depending on the degree of dryness.

In a primary stage, the lips appear slightly dry, then scaly. Then it becomes whitish and begins to split. The cracks are getting deeper and bleeding. At this stage, the lips are painful on contact and on movement.

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Natural remedies for chapped lips

Sticks and other cosmetic products are frequently used for chapped lips. Natural remedies, which are just as effective, have certain advantages.

  • Blend of beeswax and almond oil

To make up this mixture, entirely organic products are preferably used. Both components are mixed in equal amounts and heated over low heat. When the mixture becomes liquid, remove them from the heat. This substance is stored in a tightly covered container. It is applied morning and evening. It provides perfect hydration and maintains the level of humidity. However, use requires caution in people with allergies, especially those to pollen.

The two ingredients are applied one after the other. First, the lips are thinly coated with honey. They are then rinsed with lukewarm water, after a quarter of an hour. We repeat the same operation with the vegetable oil.

Coconut oil is a excellent remedy for chapped lips. It rehydrates, softens and heals lesions. The application can be done throughout the day, as many times as desired.

Aloe vera gel protects the lips from the action of external elements. In addition, it absorbs ambient humidity to maintain an optimal level of hydration.


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