Natural remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Characteristic wrist pain in people who use their computer and mouse a lot, there are few allopathic solutions for carpal tunnel syndrome, other than infiltration or surgery. Natural approaches, on the other hand, offer answers that are often adapted to relieve this painful and disabling symptom.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is manifested by numbness and tingling, even painful sensations of electric shocks in the 3 fingers, as well as loss of strength and sensitivity in the wrist and hand. These symptoms result from compression of the median nerve of the wrist: the “tunnel” in which it passes (or carpal tunnel) sees its diameter drastically reduced due to fibrosis or edema, thus tightening on the nerve and preventing it from working properly.

This pathology is found in people who have suffered repetitive wrist micro-traumas, for example, manual workers. Diabetic patients are also predisposed to suffer from this ailment. The same for postmenopausal women: hormonal changes often lead to proliferation of the synovium, a tissue that lubricates tendons and joints, which can create edema, take up space within the carpal tunnel and compress the median nerve.

Steps to take right away

The very first therapy consists of correcting daily gestures to limit overuse of the wrist and the incessant sequence of flexions and extensions or rotations. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, use a flat mouse and a wrist rest for the keyboard to lessen the angle between the wrist and the hand. It is up to everyone to reorganize and rationalize the layout of their office, kitchen or workshop to achieve this objective. Also avoid grasping objects using only two or three fingers as this increases the pressure exerted on the wrist: do it with the whole hand.

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Put on a splint

Maintaining the wrist in a straight position for several hours at a stretch and thus sparing it all stress relieves the symptoms by allowing better drainage of the oedema. Be careful not to overtighten the splint around the wrist, which will hinder circulation and lead to even more tingling and numbness! Better to avoid wearing this immobilizer 24 hours a day as it will eventually stiffen the wrist.

Small specific gymnastics

To reduce wrist and hand strain, practice the following exercises several times a day.

– Firmly squeeze your hand ten times in a row on a foam ball. Then open your hand and hold your fingers extended for a few seconds, well apart from each other, as if you wanted to stretch them.

– Grasp the thumb of the affected hand with the other hand and pull it backwards, as far as possible without causing pain. Hold this position for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

– Palms down, rotate the wrist five times to the left and then five to the right. Then follow up with convolution movements.

An ice pack when it hurts[/sta_anchor]

If heat is absolutely not recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome, cold is on the contrary welcome for its anti-oedematous and anti-inflammatory effects. After wrapping your wrist with a damp cloth or a damp paper towel to protect the skin from burning, simply place a 500 g bag of frozen peas on it for 20 minutes, morning and evening. The small balls allow the “compress” to adapt perfectly to the shape of the wrist.

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[sta_anchor id=”link6″]Wear a magnetic bandage

The cells of our body are particularly sensitive to the fixed magnetic fields emitted by magnets. Thanks to them, the permeability of cell membranes is changed, which allows cells to reach an ideal concentration of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium ions. And to be better equipped to curb inflammation. The magnets also have an analgesic effect. Hence the interest of wearing a magnetic bandage on the wrist, equipped inside with several magnets.

The help of homeopathy[/sta_anchor]

Good results are obtained during acute attacks by combining four drugs. Actaea spicata 4 CH, Ruta graveolens 7 CH, Platina 5 CH and Kalmia latifolia 5 H. 5 pellets each morning and evening. You can also add a long-term background treatment: Natrum sulfuricum 15 CH, one dose tube on Monday and Hypericum perforatum 15 CH, one dose tube on Thursday.

[sta_anchor id=”link7″]Prioritize a basic diet

This type of pathology associating inflammation, sclerosis and fibrosis of the tissues is aggravated by an acid diet. It is therefore necessary to neutralize this risk by adopting a basic diet. More vegetables, less meat and sugary products: here is the credo that should guide you in the preparation of your meals!

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