Natural solutions to put an end to sinusitis

Millions of people suffer from sinus infections (sinusitis) every year. It appears when the mucous membranes of your nose and sinuses are irritated by a cold, an allergy, pollutants or exposure to cold or dry air.

This irritation causes inflammation of the membranes, which slows down the action of the cilia (the little hairs that cover the mucous membranes and expel mucus by moving like a conveyor belt). At the same time, the irritation stimulates the exocrine glands which then secrete more mucus than usual in order to fight against bacteria. Eventually, the mucus is retained in your sinuses, and can easily become infected.

How do you know if it’s sinusitis?

Here are some symptoms of sinus infection:

– Congestion and a feeling of pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead

– Cold symptoms that last more than 10 days

– Thick, yellow or green mucus

– Post-nasal drip (excess mucus drains out the back of the throat)

– Dental pain

– Tiredness

Sinusitis can be acute or chronic, and can last for months or even years if not treated properly.

Surprisingly, it is more prevalent today than before the invention of antibiotics. In fact, the use of antibiotics to treat this problem can be catastrophic if used long-term and they can cause severe complications that can be very difficult to remedy. Chronic yeast infections and a weakened immune system are frequent complications caused by the use of antibiotics for the treatment of sinusitis, complications which you would certainly prefer to do without.

7 tips to treat sinusitis naturally

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By helping your eyelashes stay healthy and effective, and therefore preventing the buildup of mucus in your sinuses, the following natural treatments will help you cure your acute sinusitis without resorting to antibiotics or self-medication.

1) Drink very hot liquids, such as hot tea or chicken broth. This will help hydrate your mucous membranes, thereby speeding up the movement of the cilia which can flush mucus out of the sinuses faster.

2) Apply warm compresses to your face for five minutes, three times a day. A small towel dipped in warm water placed over your face, between and under your eyes will increase circulation to your sinuses which will also help speed up the movement of your eyelashes.

3) Irrigate your sinuses. Be sure to use saline solution. To make your own saline solution without preservatives, mix a teaspoon of table salt in half a liter of distilled water.

4) Clear your sinuses with a steam bath with essential oils. To help clear congested nasal passages and sinuses, pour a few drops of eucalyptus or mint essential oil into a bowl of warm water, then inhale the vapors. An equally effective alternative to essential oil is to apply Vick’s VapoRub under the nose.

5) Decongest your sinuses with specific foods. Grated horseradish, or Japanese wasabi, can also help clear congested sinuses.

6) Sleep with your head elevated.

7) Dust your room. Dust and dust mites can be very harmful to your mucous membranes, especially while you sleep when your eyelashes are resting. Using a device that filters the air is also effective in ridding the air of a large number of allergens.

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Nasal irrigation, a simple solution against sinusitis

Finally, an eighth tip that should really help you. The saline nasal irrigation technique can help people with chronic nasal and sinus conditions.

Researchers have tested saline sprays (which inject saline solution into the nostrils) and compared them to nasal irrigation, a more rigorous process of cleaning the nasal passages. Nasal irrigation patients were significantly less congested and congested than those treated with nasal spray. Nasal irrigation thins mucus, helps reduce inflammation in the nasal passages and flushes impurities, bacteria , allergens and inflammatory substances.


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