Natural solutions to soothe sunburn

Everyone knows what a sunburn is. It results from too intense exposure to the sun. The skin, or rather its most superficial part: the epidermis, becomes red and some irritations, such as itching, tingling appear. It also often appears pain and a feeling of heat, felt in particular to the touch. In more severe cases, the affected person may develop blisters (blisters) and suffer from sunstroke. Fever, fatigue and headache may sometimes be present.

There are actually 2 phases in sunburn. The first symptom of sunburn is the appearance of redness or erythema usually 3 to 5 hours after exposure to the sun. This leads to a worsening of symptoms, including pain and burning 12 to 24 hours after exposure.

This first phase normally lasts two to three days, after which the redness subsides and in the second phase the skin begins to dry out and flake off (peel).

Natural solutions to soothe sunburn:

In case of sunburn, the use of ointment or lotion based on aloe vera (aloe) can be very useful as a healing, disinfectant and especially as a moisturizer. If you can, preferably use a very cold aloe vera gel, keep or store this gel in the refrigerator or put in the cooler before going to the beach. Coat the part of the skin affected by sunburn every hour.

Calendula and arnica, in cream or ointment, can also act to calm the pain associated with sunburn.

You don’t have anything at home to relieve a sunburn except what’s in the kitchen, don’t panic, you can also apply black or green tea bags directly on the sunburn, because these plants are rich in tannins. Just wet the tea bags with a little cold water and then apply them to the skin. it works great for face sunburn.

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Essential oils

Essential oils like lavender and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties that can be effective in curing sunburn. For example, you can prepare a spray against sunburn by mixing about 250 ml of water with 16 drops of lavender essential oil. Instead of lavender you can also use chamomile or peppermint. This last plant, rich in menthol, allows in particular to cool the skin. Before applying do not forget to mix well. Use several times a day by applying this mixture directly to sunburn, but avoid the eye area.

Some bonus tips:

If a fever breaks out or broken blisters become infected, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Take cold showers or baths to cool the skin. Cold water cools the burn but also has a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory effect. It is also possible to apply a towel soaked in cold water to the affected area.

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