Natural substances to eliminate hematomas

Commonly called bruise, the hematoma appears at the level of the deep part of the skin. It does not present any alarming character. The concern is possibly on the aesthetic level, in case of persistence. To get rid of it, the use of natural compounds is recommended.

The different forms of hematoma

The shape of a bruise varies by location and cause. It does not necessarily come from a physical shock. But, whatever its origin, it consists of an accumulation of blood in the skin. It takes on the dark blue color. It then turns green and then yellow during its slow regression.

Shocks occur during daily activity. Bruises appear on the points of impact taking variable forms.

On the eyeball, thehematoma calls himself a black eye. It shows up as a blue or purple circle. It is accompanied by swelling of the eyelid and sometimes spreads towards the cheek.

A shock to the ear causes a purplish blue behind the auricle. This is called cauliflower ear.

A finger slammed by a door or a hammer presents an often painful bruised nail.

Calendula remedies

the calendula or marigold is a diurnal flowering plant. It has many health benefits. Calendula helps to eliminate a hematoma thanks to the action of the flavonoids it contains. It enters into the constitution of preparations designed for treatment.

  • The calendula compress

The marigold compress is made with a mixture of leaves, stems and flowers. 2 teaspoons of these extracts are used for this. They are put to infuse in 500 ml of boiling water. The dosage is several applications of one hour each per day.

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To constitute the calendula tincture, flowers are used. They are mixed with brandy or vodka. It is usable after a draw of 3 weeks. It is preferably applied diluted.

Immortelle essential oil

The immortelle, from its scientific name Helichrysum italicum, is distinguished by its resistance after its picking. It is used in various forms for various therapeutic purposes. To do this, only the flowers are used. I’immortelle essential oil applies to eliminate a hematoma.

  • Active principle of immortelle

The plant owes its therapeutic power to neryl acetate and italidione. It also contains monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

  • Immortelle oil dosage

Immortelle essential oil does not apply in its pure state. It preferably mixes with another essential oil such as argan oil. The ideal dose is 2 to 3 drops for a massage. In general, a single application can overcome a hematoma.

The use of immortelle essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women. It is also contraindicated during lactation. It is not recommended for young children and people prone to bile flow disorders.


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