Natural ways to cure back pain

Various pains can appear at the level of the posterior part of the trunk. They come from many sources. Rather than resorting to the services of doctors or physiotherapists, certain natural techniques can cure back pain.

The different forms of back pain

It is not possible to draw up an exhaustive list of the causes of back pain. They can occur at different levels and in various forms.

Pain sometimes occurs as a result of inappropriate activity or posture. She arrives after trying efforts, a heavy load.

Back pain can also find its origins in the lack of physical exercise or an unhealthy lifestyle. It sometimes testifies to a psychological health disorder, in particular stress or overwork. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals cause various back conditions as well as excess fat. The natural wear and tear of the vertebral spine leads to a spine osteoarthritis. Apparently benign pains are warning signs, implying corrective measures. There are also diseases in which pain is a symptom.

The pain affects all regions of the back, from the shoulders to the pelvis. In the lower back, they sometimes signal a hernia liable to cause paralysis of a lower limb.

One back pain abrupt comes from muscle tension and leads to motor difficulties.

The pain may persist and become chronic.

Ginger poultice to cure back pain

Ginger has many elements with therapeutic virtues. the ginger poultice allows a considerable reduction of the pains.

  • The active ingredient of ginger
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The essential elements of ginger are contained in the rhizome. It contains oleoresin which acts against inflammation. It is a prolific source of B vitamins and minerals that help invigorate the body.

  • Preparation of the poultice

The poultice is made without any additional ingredients. Boil about 200 ml of water, dip ginger powder. A cloth is then dipped in the resulting mixture.

The cloth soaked in the mixture is wrung out at the maximum temperature tolerated. It is then applied for half an hour on the sore back. Such care is applied once a day. A possible allergy is the only contraindication.

Willow tea

This remedy is concocted with a spoonful of willow bark. A volume of 200 ml of water is boiled. We dip the bark in it and make an infusion. Adding honey is optional, but improves the taste for easier assimilation. Willow tea for treat a back pain is usually taken 2 to 3 times a day. This amount may vary depending on the level of pain. However, to consume a quantity other than the conventional value, the advice of a health professional is required.


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