Natural ways to relieve aches and pains

Man and nature have always been linked. For decades, men have not hesitated to use what nature gives them to eat, but also to heal themselves. Recent medical studies have shown that many foods have therapeutic properties. Whether it is fruits, spices or vegetables, they can help relieve certain aches and pains in the body. We offer you in this guide a list of some foods that will allow you to take care of your health. Apart from these foods, you will see that you can also heal yourself with magnetic bracelets.

Use the magnetic bracelets to relieve pain in the body

Magnetic bracelets are small pieces of jewelry with magnets. These magnets have therapeutic powers. They create a magnetic field that stimulates the functioning of cell membranes. For this reason, this jewel should not be used by people who wear electronic health devices (pacemaker, etc.). The magnetic bracelet increases blood flow and vessel permeability. As a result, it relieves muscle and joint pain.

The magnets target painful areas (neck, hip, knee, wrist, etc.) to relax them and ease tension. They promote a general rebalancing of the body. Thanks to this gem, the body’s cells are better nourished with: oxygen, mineral salts and vitamins. The magnetic bracelet often releases energetic and positive waves. This means that it acts on both the body and the mind. It promotes relaxation by fighting against stress.

For reduce nervousness, migraines and insomnia, it is necessary to obtain a magnetic bracelet in copper, steel, titanium or ceramic. The natural virtues of copper are innumerable. It protects, for example, from electromagnetic pollution, gout, rheumatism and sciatica. The other materials, such as titanium, steel and ceramic, provide vitality, joint comfort and deep well-being to their user.

The other advantage of this jewel concerns its durability. Magnets in magnetic bracelets lose only 1% of their power in 10 years. At the end of this period, your bracelet will then retain 99% of its effectiveness.

Relieve headaches with coffee, garlic, chilli and mint

Garlic, coffee, mint and chilli are more effective than certain chemical tablets or pills in relieving headaches.


Peppermint is very popular in the kitchen for its incomparable freshness. It brings a pleasant flavor to dishes and desserts. On the nutrition side, it is a real health ally, because it has tonic, stimulating and antispasmodic properties. It stimulates blood circulation, thus soothing cranial tension.

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Consider having on hand a bottle of peppermint essential oil to fight headaches. You should apply the oil to your neck with a compress. Moisten the compress with 5 drops of oil before pressing it against the neck for 10 min. Change your towel every hour until the symptoms completely disappear.


Garlic has been known since time immemorial for its anti-infective and microbial properties. However, according to a study conducted by the University of Louiseville, garlic also helps preserve cognitive faculties. If you have chronic migraines, garlic is the perfect cure. It is advisable to eat at least one clove of garlic 3 times a day. You should not cook this food. Cooking can indeed destroy part of the nutritional richness of garlic, in particular: allicin.

It is an organosulfur compound abundant in garlic. It helps prevent brain aging and limits the development of dementia (Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc.). Stress can cause, for example, the creation of a significant amount of nitric oxide in the brain. When you consume garlic, you will create enough antioxidants that will fight this phenomenon.


When you have headaches, it is recommended to take a small cup of coffee with paracetamol. Coffee accelerates the absorption of paracetamol by the body, and therefore reinforces its effect (note that this is a drug to be taken on the advice of a health professional). The caffeine present in coffee usually causes blood vessels to constrict. We have on average 106 mg of caffeine per 150 ml cup of coffee.

The good news is that coffee is not psychosomatic. This drink only opposes the vasodilation that accompanies migraine attacks and headaches. Thanks to its relaxing effect on the neck and scalp, coffee can calm headaches due to muscle tension.


Consuming hot peppers regularly can also help you maintain your neurological health. The most important thing is not to eat too much chilli. You can add a little chilli from time to time to your meals to ease your nervous tension.

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You must consume this food at least 4 times a week to have good results. If the pepper stings you too much in the mouth, avoid taking a glass of water. Drink a glass of milk or eat a yogurt.

Apple cider vinegar, cherries and turmeric to soothe muscle and joint tension

Playing sports to relax your muscles and joints is a good reflex. However, when the pain is unbearable, use apple cider vinegar, turmeric or cherries, as these are natural and rather simple solutions.

cider vinegar

Very rich in minerals, magnesium and potassium, cider vinegar helps soothe muscle and joint pain. It is also very effective against aches and cramps. Most of the time, people who suffer from cramps have a lack of potassium or magnesium that cider vinegar fills up.

This product also compensates for the loss of various mineral salts such as: sulfur, phosphorus, silica, calcium, fluorine or even iron. It is also widely used by athletes to recover the mineral salts eliminated by sweat during physical exercise. When you have bruises and muscle distortions, applying this product to the affected area can also provide relief. Vinegar helps reduce pain and swelling.

However, it is necessary to choose an unpasteurized organic cider vinegar and produced in a traditional way to do its treatment. It must have aged for 10 months in oak barrels to contain a significant amount of active substances. Also called “the elixir of youth”, this natural remedy can be used in two different ways.

The first is to pour two small cups of apple cider vinegar into his bath water. You can then apply the product all over your body during your shower. The second is to do a vinegar cure. The recipe is simple: add two teaspoons of vinegar to 250 ml of sodium-rich mineral water. You can supplement this mixture with two teaspoons of honey, if you wish. The treatment must be done over a month at the rate of 3 times a day.


Turmeric is a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It helps relieve joint pain caused by sports, age, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The areas affected by turmeric at the joint level are: the cartilage, the bone under the cartilage, the ligaments connecting the muscles to the bones and the joint capsule.

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The properties of turmeric are largely due to active compounds called curcuminoids. They consist of 90% curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. The consumption of turmeric will reduce in record time the inflammation, pain and discomfort it causes. However, it can be taken as a tablet or powder when symptoms appear.

The most important thing is to associate it with black pepper to reinforce its therapeutic virtues.. By combining turmeric with black pepper, curcumin is more easily assimilated by the body. In addition, the piperine in pepper interacts with curcumin. Therefore, the properties of turmeric are multiplied by 1000. It takes one part of pepper for 9 parts of turmeric.

The cherries

Cherries are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of cherry juice could help you relax your muscles and joints. In the kitchen, you can add these fruits to your pastries, salads, vinaigrettes or compotes. Cooking in no way diminishes the nutritional richness of cherries.

These fruits are a good source of potassium and vitamin C for the body. They help treat muscle damage caused by very intense sports activities. Cherries also facilitate recovery after physical exercise. The vitamin C present in these fruits helps reduce the levels of uric acid in the body. When uric acid crystallizes in the joints, it causes severe pain.

The best way to relieve your suffering is to consume a small glass of cherry juice every day. Once the pain is gone, you can stop your treatment. These foods, combined with wearing a magnetic bracelet, will drastically reduce your chronic aches and pains.


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