Naturally treat the effects of a mosquito bite

Mosquitoes have a preference for warm and humid regions. They appear in greater numbers in the summer. They detect their target thanks to their developed olfactory capacity. In reality, only the female mosquito bites beings of the animal kingdom. The mosquito bite causes different effects depending on the case. Natural methods are used to eliminate them effectively.

Causes of the appearance of signs of mosquito bite

The effects do not come from the physical impact of the mosquito bite. The insect sucks blood with its proboscis without causing injury. During sucking, he injects his saliva which mixes with the blood. This contains an anticoagulant substance to preserve the fluidity of the blood. The mosquito uses it to ensure the development of its eggs. The human organism considers saliva as a pathogen. It thus triggers a defense reaction and produces histamine. This is responsible for the appearance of allergic signs.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms

The allergic reaction induced by mosquito bite presents a local cutaneous sign. It appears as a circular redness. Sometimes a lighter, hot and painful hard pimple forms in its center. These visible manifestations are accompanied by lifelong itching which may persist for a few days. Scratching on irritated skin may cause infection.

The irritation can sometimes progress to the formation of an edema. Extreme cases of anaphylactic shock can occur, but rather rarely.

Natural solutions against mosquito bites

The mosquito carries pathogenic entities and transmits them to the beings it bites. In addition to skin reactions, it also risks contaminating with other diseases. The proposed solutions relieve irritation, but also aim for a repellent action to prevent mosquito bites.

  • Lemongrass essence
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Lemongrass, native to Asia, is found almost everywhere on the globe. It contains essential oils, citral, geraniol, triterpenes and flavonoids. Its essential oil is used to make remedies. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties.

It is used in the form of citronella essence for its repellent power against insects. For such an effect, it is applied to clothes or sprayed around the house. The pure essence does not apply directly to the skin. Ingestion may be toxic. Use on infants is not recommended.

  • Lemon balm essential oil

Lemon balm essential oil contains citral, citronellal and geraniol. It is involved in the preparation of a repellent for prevent the mosquito bite. The mosquito repels its lemony smell. 20 drops of the essential oil are used for this. It is diluted in 100 ml of water. The mixture is poured into a bottle fitted with a spray bottle. Shake well to ensure homogeneity. It is applied to the skin before leaving the house. This solution can be used several times in one day.


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