Nitricum acidum, a homeopathic remedy for depression

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method. It consists of giving the patient a substance in infinitesimal doses. The substance may cause symptoms in a healthy person comparable to those of the patient. It thus advocates the law of similarity.

The origin of homeopathic medicines is very diverse. They can be of mineral, animal but also vegetable origin.

Nitricum acidum comes from the homeopathic dilution of officinal nitric acid with the chemical formula HNO3. It is a colorless liquid miscible with water. It is classified as a strong acid. It can cause serious burns to the skin. Inhaling it is harmful.

It can be observed in different forms. Like granules, doses, drops, drinkable ampoules, triturations and suppositories.

In which case should it be used?

Nitricum acidum is useful in case of ulceration. Ulceration can be corrosive and bleeding secretion at the slightest touch. Mention contact with the skin, mucous membranes or orifices. The characteristic pain is a sharp splintering sensation.

It is also necessary in case ofskin growths polyp type, oozing and bleeding warts. Patients intolerant to the slightest disturbance and very irritable need it. As manifestation, there is the anxious depression tired, emaciated people, hypersensitive to jolts and noise.

How is the homeopathic remedy Nitricum acidum used?

The dosage varies according to the ailments to be treated. The compositions are not similar. The doses globules and granules are based on sucrose and lactose. While the only composition of oral powder triturations is lactose. While the leftovers are hydro-alcoholic solutions. To cite ampoules, drinkable drops and mother tinctures.

It must be taken outside of meals, coffee, tobacco or even mint.

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Nitricum acidum is taken in low dilution if it is for treat growths or ulcerations. As a dosage, take 3 to 5 granules 3 times a day for the duration of the condition. That is to say 5 CH to 9 CH. Before using it in these cases, you must first consult your doctor. This is to ensure the benign character of the affection.

It is a remedy that is taken in high dilution for people corresponding to its general description. That is to say the people affected by depression, anxiety, irritability, hypersensitivity and other similar disorders. 15 CH to 30 CH is the corresponding dose. You have to take a dose on Sunday every 15 days. One must alternate taking it with another remedy of general action. To guarantee optimal care, these people must have psychotherapists.

As a mode of consumption, the doses and granules should be allowed to melt under the tongue. These forms can also be dissolved in a little water. This is to make it easier for infants to take. Thereby, Nitricum acidum is a homeopathic remedy that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding..


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