Notre-Dame fire: the prefecture publishes an alert relating to lead pollution

The Paris police headquarters has just published a press release: “INFORMATION TO LOCAL RESIDENTS AND PEOPLE WORKING AROUND NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS CATHEDRAL”. This alert mentions the presence of abnormal quantities of lead around Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Pressesante.com was the first media to warn you the day after the tragic fire, of the health risk posed by the fumes released by the fire in the Cathedral. The whole world saw the images of the thick yellowish smoke emerging from the fire. This yellowish color is typical of the vaporization of the lead which went up in smoke during the fire.

The spire of the cathedral contained 250 tons of lead, the frame itself, containing 210 tons. So 460 tonnes of lead went up in smoke. The heavy particles of this metal obviously fell around the Cathedral, thus contaminating the parks, streets, roofs and dwellings whose windows were open.

Advice from the prefecture: clean up your home to eliminate lead

The prefecture has blocked access to the parks closest to the cathedral due to the abnormal amount of lead. It invites all residents close to the cathedral to carry out a major cleaning of their accommodation or office: furniture, objects, etc. But be careful not to use feather dusters, brooms or dry rags, as this would cause the lead dust to fly again. The prefecture recommends using wet wipes so that the dust sticks directly to the cleaning medium. Run a damp mop over the floors and put on gloves to perform the cleaning operation. If you are afraid of breathing dust, do this emergency cleaning with a mask to protect the respiratory tract.

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Lead toxicity

Remember that lead is one of the heavy metals, that it is toxic and genotoxic. If in doubt about your level of exposure to lead, especially pregnant women, the prefecture invites you to contact your doctor. A blood test can easily tell you about your level of contamination.

If you have friends or family in Paris, send them the message.


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