Number of reps and muscle growth

Number of reps and muscle growth

Are you stagnating both in strength and mass gain despite a good diet and good recovery? It’s time to make some changes to your workouts. Many think about changing the order of the exercises but sometimes seem to forget a very important detail: the pattern of repetitions they will use to pass a stage. Varying the rep format will produce a better result, both in strength and muscle hypertrophy (growth). Different numbers of repetitions will imply different goals. It is therefore important to know them well.

Increase in weight, reduction in the number of repetitions (strength training)

It’s a great way to build muscle mass. Heavy loads and short sets will primarily generate strength gain but also more indirectly muscle growth. Basic exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows, and bench presses will be your go-to exercises.
Strength workouts are intense and should be between 4-6 reps. Be sure to take more rest between sets to generate maximum strength. A good average of 2-3 minutes between sets seems to suit most people.

Reduced weight, increased reps (hypertrophy training)

This type of training primarily increases muscle mass and secondarily, strength. Blood flow or congestion is noticeable with hypertrophy training. Nevertheless, it must be understood that hypertrophy is temporary and that it regresses if it is not maintained by regular training. Nutrient supply and blood flow go to the non-contractile parts of the muscle, called sarcoplasms.
The repetitions are generally between 8 and 12 repetitions. A mix of strength and hypertrophy formats will give you the best possible results.

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Reduction in weight, significant increase in the number of repetitions (endurance training)

This type of training primarily recruits muscle endurance and brings little progress in terms of muscle volume. The repetitions are generally between 30 and 100 repetitions. The only muscles that react well in terms of muscle growth to this type of format are the thighs, glutes and calves.. You can therefore incorporate them into your leg workouts but they will produce little effect in terms of muscle growth on the rest of the body.

Do not hesitate to incorporate these different formats into your training in order to optimize the recruitment of all the muscle fibers and to take advantage of all the benefits of the type of series.

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