Nuts and peanuts: health by pecking

Eating nuts and peanuts (peanuts) is associated with reduced mortality and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Although it ranks among the legumes, the peanut has a nutritional profile comparable to that of nuts. The researchers examined the association between this consumption of nuts (including peanuts) and mortality, according to the dietary habits of different ethnic groups.

What if life expectancy was a daily handful of oilseeds?

Reduced mortality with nuts and peanuts

The study authors analyzed a cohort of 71,764 low-income women and men living in the Southeastern United States, as well as a group involving 134,265 men and women living in Shanghai, China. The study shows that high nut consumption is associated with reduced mortality and cardiovascular disease in all ethnic groups, in both women and men. Total mortality is thus reduced by 21% among Americans and 17% among Chinese. Peanuts are the main source of “nuts” for the Chinese, while it represents half of the “nuts” consumed by Americans.

health at low cost

The consumption of nuts therefore seems an interesting and realistic avenue for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, in particular among people of low socio-economic status due to the affordable price of nuts and peanuts as long as they are not processed: roasted and saturated with salt.


Luu HN et al, prospective Evaluation of the Association of Nut/Peanut Consumption With Total and Cause-Specific Mortality. JAMA Internal


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