Offer oxygen to your body with oxygen therapy

Over time, air quality continues to deteriorate. More and more people today suffer from respiratory illnesses and infections around the world. It must even be said that the percentage of deaths caused by these conditions is very high. Thus, the use of oxygen or oxygen therapy allows you to improve your energy.

What is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen is an important element of life, contributing to the proper functioning of the body. Oxygen therapy is a therapeutic treatment aimed at supplying oxygen to make up for the deficit or respiratory insufficiency. In other words, it offers artificial oxygen to sick people so that they can maintain certain activities. The supply of oxygen to the cells then contributes to the production of energy for the body. It is intended for people suffering from hypoxia or those victims of a respiratory failure. This treatment is also suitable for burns or poisoning. In addition, there are two types of oxygen therapy: hyperbaric and normobaric. The first is to deliver oxygen at a higher than normal pressure. Here, the person places themselves in a hyperbaric chamber. The second offers oxygen with a pressure similar to atmospheric.

Who developed this treatment?

Many researchers have looked into the supply of oxygen to treat certain patients. Also, many doctors request the use of oxygen therapy. Used for the first time by JS Haldane, this treatment was used to treat soldiers poisoned by chlorine. This was during the First World War. By realizing the lack of oxygen, he decided to develop equipment to deliver oxygen efficiently. Today, this treatment is increasingly used in hospitals.

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What does it offer the body?

L’oxygen supply, even artificial, contributes to the proper functioning of the body. As a result, oxygen therapy offers benefits on the body, more particularly on the brain:

  • It promotes healing. Indeed, a strong supply of oxygen contributes to the regeneration of damaged tissues. In addition, it encourages the creation of blood vessels around the wound;
  • It encourages the activities of neurons and ensures the stimulation of cerebral recovery. In other words, it stimulates your brain;
  • It invigorates the organism thanks to a good dose of oxygen in the blood plasma;
  • It participates in cell regeneration.

An oxygen supply also acts on your concentration as well as on your sleep. Moreover, it even slows down the aging process.

How is the treatment session carried out?

Do you need oxygen? In general, it is possible to use a oxygen therapy session in a hospital setting. Nevertheless, in case of chronic respiratory insufficiency, its realization at home is possible. There are several ways to provide you with oxygen: by mask, via a chamber or via a nasal catheter. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, using a chamber, the session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. For its realization, it is necessary to go through three phases: a slow compression, a stage and a decompression. Unlike other treatments, this one requires constant monitoring. Indeed, it is necessary to frequently check the patient’s temperature or even his pulsations.

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