Oligotherapy to resolve your trace element deficits

It sometimes happens that, following an illness or stress, the body weakens and no longer performs its function correctly. To help the body to function normally, several specialists recommend the consumption of some mineral elements or trace elements. Oligotherapy is used preventively or curatively depending on the chronic diseases being treated.

What is this practice?

Oligotherapy consists of using certain minerals such as trace elements to treat certain diseases. These are chemical elements already existing in the body and not synthesized by it. Nevertheless, these elements have a low content. Indeed, it is 1 mg/kg of body weight. In addition, their prescription is at low doses. As an example oftrace elements, you have chromium or even iodine. Despite their low content, these trace elements have a major impact on the proper functioning of the body. In a way, they help promote metabolic reactions, hormone synthesis or cell structure. Therefore, as for food supplementsthis therapeutic method tries to fill certain deficits in the body.

What is its origin ?

Oligotherapy has been used for several years. Indeed, silver and iodine were used to treat certain health problems or forelimination of bacteria. Moreover, this term was used for the first time by Gabriel Bertrand, a French researcher, to designate the use of trace elements. Subsequently, Dr. Jacques Méntroiter looked into its development. It evokes the beneficial effects of these minerals for the body. His research highlights diatheses in order to prescribe the oligotherapy treatment suitable for each person.

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Oligotherapy and its benefits on the body

Although their quantity is minimal, trace elements are necessary for maintaining good health. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce it. Therefore, the use of oligotherapy offers many advantages:

  • It fills in certain proven deficiencies and prevents the deficit;
  • In case of chronic diseases, it reinforces the effects of conventional treatments;
  • It relieves the symptoms of fatigue or anemia;
  • It proves to be effective in case of diarrhea, such is the case of zinc, or cavities, for fluoride;
  • The use of iodine relieves thyroid disease;
  • The trace element like cobalt soothes migraines.

Moreover, there are some trace elements more solicited than others in this treatment. The most used are iodine, iron and zinc, magnesium or even cobalt.

How is it practiced?

Oligotherapy often uses two categories of minerals: macroelements or trace elements. In order to prescribe you the appropriate minerals, theoligotherapist begins by identifying your diathesis. He will then carry out a series of questions. Following these, he will determine the missing elements in your body and those to be filled.

For the consumption of these elements, it can be administered sublingually or intravenously. But usually the first option is the best known form. Simply put a tablet under the tongue until absorbed or ingest as pure liquid. As this treatment is suitable for toddlers, its consumption requires special attention to its intake. For a baby, you have to use a dropper and put a small drop between his cheek and his gum. For a child, pour a few drops on food or sugar before giving it to him.


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