Omega-3 improves your children’s memory

The hippocampus is primarily involved in relational memory. Remembering the name of a person you met a few days ago is hippocampal. This information is later classified into cortical areas. The effects of diet on cognitive functions related to the hippocampus are still largely unknown.

The study conducted by Carol Baym and her colleagues brings new elements to the role of lipids in relational memory linked to the hippocampus. It involves 52 children aged 7 to 9 who were subjected to various tests to assess memory, including that linked to the hippocampus.

Omega-3s help children remember

After correcting for body mass index, researchers note a positive relationship between relational memory abilities and omega-3 fatty acid intake. Conversely, the consumption of saturated fatty acids appears to be associated with lower performance, both for relational memory and for visual memory (memory independent of the hippocampus).

Ensure a regular supply of omega-3 in the diet

This, fortunately, is in line with what is observed in other areas, particularly cardiovascular, thus consolidating the objective of ensuring a sufficient presence of omega-3 fatty acids, while limiting the saturated fatty acids in both adults and children.


Baym CL Dietary lipids are differentially associated with hippocampal-dependent relational memory in prepubescent children. Am J Cmin Nutr


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