Our recipe for a successful arm session

The biceps and triceps are arguably the most visible muscle groups in the entire body. Indeed, a simple t-shirt is enough to discover them. However, we have noticed that many practitioners place them after a large muscle group, for example after the pecs or lats. However, the work of a large group such as the pectorals or the backs generates a lot of fatigue and the “small” muscle placed in the second part of the session will not benefit from the same attention.
To promote muscle building in the arms, we advise you to first work the biceps and triceps in the same session. On the one hand, you will have enough energy available to solicit all the fibres. Also, the blood flow caused by training the biceps will also benefit the work of the triceps, and vice versa. For maximum results, we also advise you to vary the order of the groups. Start with the biceps the first session, then with the triceps the next session, and reverse again.
A little anatomical reminder is in order. You should know that the triceps covers two-thirds of the (upper) arm, and the biceps is only one-third. Indeed, the triceps has, as its name suggests, 3 bundles and the biceps 2. Thus, the exercises should be adapted to target the different bundles.

Our arms program for a successful session


1. High pulley warm-up, 2×20 overhand extensions

2. French Press, at the EZ bar 3×8 – 1’30 rest


3. Kick back with dumbbells or low pulley 3×12 – 1’00 rest

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4. Dips 3×10 – 1’30 rest


5. Extensions on the rope, on the high pulley 3×15 – 1’00 of rest



1. Warm-up: EZ bar curl 2×20


2. Alternate dumbbell curls, seated 3×8 – 1’30 rest


3. Curl at the desk larry scott 3×12 – 1’00 rest


4. Curls on the straight bar, 3×15 – 1’00


For maximum activation, we advise you to perform small active stretches (with small jerks) between each series. This stretch allows the muscles to clog better, and it is also a great way to avoid injuries.

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