Physical activity: the universal medicine?

With the arrival of sunny days, physical activities will be able to resume because for many, the winter months are synonymous with reduced physical activity and warm rest at home, which is a mistake. Regular exercise represents one of the most important parameters for the prevention of cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases, diabetes and several cancers and of course, it promotes the improvement of sexual activity.

The positive impact of exercise on the heart is due to a series of physiological and metabolic adaptations at the pulmonary, muscular and cardiovascular points of view which, overall, improve oxygen consumption and energy production. Combined with lower blood pressure, improved blood lipid profile and improved vessel elasticity, exercise is truly an all-in-one medicine, targeting several processes essential to maintaining heart health. .

An impressive list of the health benefits of physical activity

If exercise had only these positive effects, it would already be great: but there is much more. In fact, when looking at the latest research findings, the list of benefits associated with exercise keeps growing:

– Reduction of blood sugar and prevention of diabetes;

– Increase in bone mass and prevention of osteoporosis;

– Increase in brain metabolism and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases;

– Reduction in the incidence of several types of cancer and increase in survival following treatment;

– Decreasing stress, improving sleep and maintaining immune function;

– Improved self-confidence and resilience;

– Improved sexual performance.

Overall, currently available data indicate that regular, even light physical activity (eg, 30 minutes of brisk walking each day) halves the risk of premature death, while significantly increasing quality of life. Do not hesitate to consume in abundance, according to your physiology, this “universal medicine”.

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