Plan your diet when you are ectomorph

If you’re part of the ectomorph club, this article will explore some methods to help you progress in your efforts to gain mass.


Because of their very fast metabolism, ectomorphs must keep in mind the concept of “calories ingested” vs “calories burned”.
Calories are energy from food. Thin or lean people need more calories daily. To gain mass, a good base is to start at 50 calories per pound of body weight. For example, if you are 60 pounds, your daily base would be 3000 calories. Some people will even need more than that. If you are not gaining weight after 2 weeks at this intake, increase it to 55 calories per pound.

Essential nutrients for weight gain

A large dose of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is generally the best approach for the ectomorph. Many people avoid fat, thinking it will make them fat. But fat is essential for building muscle and maintaining optimal health. And also because this macronutrient is twice as caloric as the others: 9 calories per gram against 4 for carbohydrates and proteins.

It is preferable, for people who wish to gain weight, to consume at least 25% of their calories from fat (saturated and unsaturated). The remaining calories should be redistributed between carbohydrates and proteins, between 30 and 40% for each.

Foods to eat to gain weight

In order to keep calories high, it’s important to focus on foods that are both nutrient and calorie dense. The best foods for gaining mass are: whole eggs, beef, chicken, fish, nuts, oils, avocados, wholemeal bread, rice, oats and potatoes.

Although fruits and vegetables have their place in a balanced diet, do not overdo gigantic salads and fruit plates while hoping to reach your ideal calorie intake. You won’t have enough room for bulking foods.

Eat often!

Liquid food is an easy way to add calories. Whether it’s a good gainer or milk, it will be easy to absorb a few hundred calories in less than a minute.
Eating more frequently will also allow you to ingest enough calories without making your meals too large and indigestible.
Every 2 hours seems to be successful with most people. Often, we are more or less hungry depending on the different times of the day (like after training or in the evening). Listen to the signals your body sends you and eat when you feel like it.

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With these meals, an effective method to accelerate mass gain is to add a night shaker that is taken before bed. A good multi-source combined with a tablespoon of peanut butter will provide 30-50 grams of protein and a significant supply of good fats.

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