Plantar reflexology and its therapeutic riches

Plantar reflexology defines another aspect of natural care, another method to heal naturally. It is a form of massage with therapeutic aims which generously ensures well-being, comfort and relaxation. It is also introduced into fitness care. It designates the complete management of health through pressure on the reflex zones of the feet. Indeed, through the points or circuits of acupuncture, it consists in preventing and treating illnesses. The technique varies from one country to another, but the massage is always performed with the hands and fingers. Here are some common foot reflexology techniques: Indian, Chinese energy, Thai and Western.

Who discovered the foot reflexology technique?

It was around 2000 years before Christ that we first heard of treatment with foot reflexology. For the Egyptians and the Chinese, treatments with this technique had been part of their tradition for ages. In the 20th century and on the initiative of Doctor William FITZGERALD, the principle developed more and more. Currently it is a natural therapy widespread in Europe. It is therefore a dynamic therapeutic discipline that does not stop evolving. For several years, this method has been integrated into the treatment of personal assistance and the various hospital treatments.

Plantar reflexology for the overall stimulation of the organism

With its multiple healing properties, plantar reflexology treats in depth several bodily diseases and psychic discomforts. It chases away fatigue, anxiety, depression, irritability, stress, anxiety, heavy legs and back pain. It tones the muscles, relaxes the body, softens the tissues, strengthens the health of the organs and soothes the mind.

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It relaxes the whole body and takes care of various disorders (articular, urinary, muscular, hepatic, psychic, digestive and respiratory). It is mainly recommended to improve lymphatic, venous and blood circulation. It acts directly on the stomach, liver and heart.

Treat yourself with plantar reflexology: the sessions

The foot occupies a very important place in reflexology, because it is the representation of the body in miniature. Know that each reflex zone of the body (organ or gland) has its own correspondence on the foot. The application of pressure on these areas allows the localization and elimination of tensions, the prevention or elimination of diseases. In peace, anyone can practice foot reflexology. Indeed, like all other types of massages, this technique adapts to any person and to specific expectations. With this technique, a one-hour session, every two weeks, is enough to maintain your health. the reflexologist begins the session with a small exchange with the massed in order to determine the origin of the disorder. With a map of the feet, he then launches into the pressures and massage of the corresponding reflex points.


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