Platinum: what are its virtues in natural medicine?

Homeopathic strains can have different origins: animal, vegetable, organic or even mineral. In the case of Platina, the strain is obtained from platinum moss. It is a spongy mass that has the ability to absorb certain gases at high temperatures.

As a reminder, platinum is a chemical element with atomic number 78. It is also a precious metal which is used to manufacture several things such as:

  • Jewelry
  • False teeth in gold-platinum alloy
  • Laboratory equipment and medical equipment
  • Electrical equipment: contacts, furnaces

There are also compounds derived from platinum (carboplatin and cisplatin) which are used in the treatment of certain cancers. We distinguish in particular leukemia or bladder cancer. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the use of these compounds in the context of chemotherapy is not without risk. Indeed, they can lead to hearing lossallergic reactions or apoptosis of kidney cells.

Why use Platinum?

Platina makes it possible to treat several disorders which one meets mainly in women. However, in some cases, men and children can also suffer from it, especially with regard to behavioral problems.

Gynecological disorders:

On the gynecological level, this remedy makes it possible to treat endometriosis as well as pathologies in the ovaries. In particular, it improves the following symptoms:

  • Menstruation painful and hemorrhagic
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Accentuated pain in the right ovary

In patients who suffer from vaginismus and whose intercourse is painful, this remedy is also effective.

Always on the sexual level, it is also useful in women with sexual algesia, but who does not support any touching, even in the context of a medical consultation. Its other indications are dreams of an erotic nature as well as cases of sexual obsessions.

Behavioral disorders:

In terms of behavior, typical Platina subjects place too much emphasis on appearance. It is often noticed through ostentatious jewelry, outfits and accessories. The patient also develops an unfounded obsession with her weight with a fear of obesity.

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Also, she tends to overestimate herself and exhibits pride and arrogance with obvious disdain towards others.

In children, these disorders are often manifested by discreet behaviors, for example, the fact of wanting to walk constantly on tiptoe.

Other disorders:

This homeopathic medicine also excels in the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • Intense headaches
  • Constipation
  • Spasms and cramps of various origins

For Platina-type conditions, the aggravating conditions are physical contact, pressure, emotions, rest, and hunger. On the other hand, the symptoms improve in the open air and with movement.

How to dose it?

In general, Platina is administered in a dilution of 7 to 30 CH depending on the degree of similarity and the intensity of the symptoms. For the dosage, it is therefore necessary to approach a specialist in homeopathy.


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